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Wheels – Aerodynamic, lightweight and usually made of carbon are a popular upgrade on road bikes and mountain bikes for most cyclists. Unfortunately, they are usually also quite expensive and thus remain a dream that does not come true. HUNT Bike Wheels intervenes exactly there. From your point of view, there was a gap in the market for high-quality but affordable wheels, so you teamed up to combine experience and advanced technologies. Meanwhile, we have the wheels of the British manufacturer already for a year in the program and in the time different models extensively tested.

HUNT impellers

Currently HUNT Bike Wheels offers a wide portfolio of different wheels for all purposes. These include models in carbon and aluminum for the road, gravel and mountain bikes. On road bikes, disc brake and rim brake are also supported. All impellers are assembled and centered by hand. This ensures consistently high quality.

The Chase – Hunt for the Best

HUNT wheels always pursue the claim to be the best material, especially for daily training as well as race days. In doing so, the company has identified the following characteristics as important. Impellers must be fast and light. Nowadays, they must be suitable for use with wider tires regardless of the surface and have good durability. In addition, easy serviceability and good braking performance are important.

HUNT 54 Aerodynamicist 8
Here’s what the setup can look like: Light rolling S-Works Turbo Cotton in 28mm width combined with latex tubes.

Therefore, HUNT advocates, after extensive testing, the use of tubeless technology and delivers wheels in principle TubelessReady, including tape and valves. HUNT wheels with tubeless setup offer improved ride quality, better grip and increased puncture resistance compared to conventional tubes. Nevertheless, the wheels are of course fully compatible with standard coats and tubes.

HUNT 54 Aerodynamicist Carbon Disc

The HUNT 54 Aerodynamicist is a yet rather high carbon wheelset with disc brake system which is ideal for road racing with changeable terrain. The rims are based on the company’s proprietary Aerodynamicist design, which allows for a high rim width at a relatively low weight. An increased rim width has been shown in various tests to be aerodynamically superior and has therefore quickly become a favorite among professionals in the WorldTour. The material used is a combination of T700/T800 carbon fibers, with the T800(T40) having a larger share. In this way, a good ratio between stability/load and dead weight of the rim is achieved. The spoke holes are additionally reinforced with a 3K fabric.

Aerodynamically – in our experience also for comfort reasons – the use of 25-28mm tires is recommended for the HUNT 54 Aerodynamicist. In principle, however, a use of tires between 23 and 50mm both tubeless and with tube is possible without any problems.

Team Canyon dhb SunGod is riding the HUNT 54 Aerodynamicist wheels
The team Canyon dhb SunGod is in training or at races like the Tour of Britain usually with the 54 Aerodynamicist on the road

The hubs on this wheelset are HUNT Sprint Straight-Pull. Triple toothed pawls and just 7.5˚ engagement angle allow for optimal power transmission with every kick. Noticeably direct for instant acceleration. Front are 20, rear 24 spokes installed.

With axle options for quick release, 9 and 12mm thru axle front and 12×142, 12×135 and 10×135 thru axle rear, should be the right option for every road bike and gravel bike. Centerlock brake discs allow easy mounting. 6-hole adapters are available separately on request. Of course, different freewheel bodies such as standard Shimano/SRAM, Campagnolo, Campagnolo EKAR or SRAM XDR are possible.

  • 54mm Deep
  • 29mm outer width
  • 20mm rim bed
  • 1524g total weight

We rode the HUNT 54 last year on tours in the Mergelland, the Eifel and the Ardennes. The focus is of course at high speeds in the flat, for example, the attack also the next place name sign or criteria. However, it also proved to us that the uphill performance does not necessarily suffer from this. At 1524g, you’re in a medium weight range here. That way it doesn’t feel super sluggish when you’re trying to accelerate and that’s what it’s all about for a classic pro like the Amstel Gold Race or Liège Bastogne Liège, for example. In addition, the wheels are neatly stiff, a feature that you appreciate once you have tried it.

We also used the wheels on the outdoor cycling track in Geleen (NL). Here, a one-hour race series for normal racing bikes with gears and brakes takes place twice a week during the summer. There the impellers could show us what they can do. With average speeds of over 40km/h we really had fun.

HUNT’s Aerodynamicist wheels are available with 44 or 54mm rim height or as a mixed wheelset (44mm front, 54mm rear). Optional carbon spokes also save about 70g on the wheelset and promise an even stiffer ride.

HUNT 50 Carbon Aero Disc

We tested the HUNT 50 Carbon Disc under the same conditions as the aforementioned Aerodynamicist 54 model. For this purpose, we have taken the wheelset but also on the hilly cobblestones of this year’s World Championships in Leuven / Flanders, because with a medium rim height of 50mm, it is a true all-round model, as used by many professionals and amateurs throughout the year.

And this model has also convinced us. A good performance in different wind conditions, whether from the front, side or rear and easy, but above all safe handling even in fast descents, make the wheels for us really recommendable.

Successful in the velodrome on the road with the HUNT 50 Carbon Aero Disc and HUNT 54 Aerodynamicist Carbon Disc

That HUNT products stand for durability under the most severe conditions, the wheelset has also proven at this year’s Giro d’Italia. There Mauro Schmid could win the difficult “Strade Bianche” over numerous gravel roads with the HUNT 50 Carbon.

Of course, HUNT also offers here all the different axle and freewheel options. The wheel is also supplied with Sprint Straight-Pull hubs, which have proven to be really optimal for racing. The stainless steel spokes are available here optionally in black or with a Ti nitride coating and so-called Oil Slick Rainbow look. This coating also provides increased wear and corrosion resistance.

  • 50mm Deep
  • 27mm outer width
  • 19mm rim bed
  • 1487g total weight

One might think that the impellers are somewhat close to each other. And you do. Even if the differences seem minimal, this offers you the possibility to find exactly the right set for your purpose. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We are happy to help and advise you to find the right product.

Mason X HUNT 4 Season Disc

HUNT currently also offers a few interesting aluminum wheelsets, which are provided with the addition 4 Season. These are ideal for use throughout the year, for example as a training set in the winter, where it is just as an amateur too bad to expose the good racing carbon set to the stresses such as salt and mostly daily washing. One of these wheelsets is the Mason X HUNT 4 Season Disc. They were designed in conjunction with Dom Mason of Mason Cycles, as he requested previously unavailable specifications in terms of durability and weight for his all-weather performance bikes. Here’s what came out of it:

  • 26mm Deep
  • 24mm outer width
  • 19mm rim bed
  • 1588g gram
  • Reflective details
  • Outstanding performance in all conditions

What do we need all this for? You’ll see that in our next post about a new custom bike!

Supported drivers and teams

Whether World Tour teams Qhubeka NextHash, continental level at Canyon dhb SunGod or the criterium specialists from Team LA Sweat – HUNT currently supports a variety of professional teams and individual riders .The race experience and tests under different loads can thus flow into the development of new products. Of course, everyone has his own favorite among the wheels. Velocio // Exploro, for example, is a women’s Gravel team that rides the HUNT 35 Carbon Gravel Disc X-Wide. Qhubeka NextHash primarily rides the Hunt48 Limitless Aero Disc, just hour world record holder Victor Campenaerts has ridden nothing else all season (except for time trials). Sprint specialist Giacomo Nizzolo has primarily trusted the HUNT 80 Carbon Team Tubular Disc, a limited edition that allows the use of tubular tires.

The other favorites

  • Canyon dhb SunGod: 54 UD Carbon Spoke Disc
  • LA Sweat: 60 Limitless Aero Disc
  • Team Pratt / Phil: 30 Carbon CX Disc Tubular
  • HUNT Race Team: 50 Carbon Aero Disc
  • Andy Feather: Hill Climb SL Tubular (991g / approved up to 78kg)
  • Amelia Rose Watkinson (Triathlon): 5065 Carbon Aero Disc

HUNT offers the right material for every application thanks to numerous models. Whether road bike, triathlon or time trial, gravel or MTB – ultra-light in hill climb races or reliable and stable in ultra events with dynamo hub.

Hunt quality

Qualitatively, HUNT could impress us so far not only by fast wheels. The optional use of CeramicSpeed bearings for reduced resistance is interesting especially for time trialists and triathletes, but also for all other athletes who like to optimize their material. However, the Japan EZO steel bearings installed as standard are therefore not a bad option. On the contrary, we were surprised, because already these turn much better than we were used to from other wheels.

In addition, all our wheels are delivered perfectly centered. Unfortunately, this is not otherwise common on the market. Our checks with the Centrimaster Comfort measured deflections of just 0.01mm and were problem-free in each case.


In addition to excellent wheels, HUNT also stands for sustainability. Excessive consumption, packaging waste and CO2 emissions are a major issue in society. HUNT tries to play a part there as a company by constructing durable products and striving for what they say is an ethical, sustainable supply chain. This includes:

  • possible elimination of plastic packaging
  • Air freight reduction
  • Use of environmentally friendly office supplies
  • Encouraging bike-to-work in your own company

Another measure is that HUNT is committed to continuous improvement, such as further reducing its carbon footprint, and is always seeking repairs in support to extend the life of products and minimize waste.


We are very satisfied with the wheels from HUNT Bike Wheels so far. This has two reasons, because on the one hand you are very high quality workmanship. On the other hand, we think that you are quite attractive in terms of price for everyone. In the coming year, we definitely want to take a closer look at other models, as well as the Limitless model on which the pros swear or something for the MTB. Feel free to write in the comments which wheelset you want to see next in our test!

If the Hunt wheels have also convinced you come here to all models. If you do not find a model in our store, please contact us and our support will help you with your order.

Wheels from HUNT Bike Wheels

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