Ironman World Championship Kona, Hawaii – The Kona Bike Count

Every year the Ironman in Hawaii is the triathlon world championship in the ultra distance. This event is every year again an important degree and trend gauge for the manufacturers of triathlon equipment.

Therefore, every year the so-called “Kona Bike Count” is compiled and published by LAVA Magazine. This is a ranking of how often the manufacturers are represented at the start of the Hawaii Ironman. In addition to the categories “frame”, “gears” and “wheels”, the power meters of the participants were counted for the first time this year.

Accordingly, a total of 489 power meters were counted. So this year about 25% of the participants used a power meter during the race. The sub-distribution in this group is as follows:

  • CycleOps 191 (39.1%)
  • SRM 166 (33.9%)
  • Quarq 119 (24.3%)
  • Power2Max 8 (1.6%)
  • ergomo 3 (0.6%)
  • iBike 1 (0.2%)
  • Polar 1 (0.2%)

Source: 2011 Kona Bike Count: Cervelo Wins Again : LAVA Magazine

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