Kocmo Randonneur Custom – A dream in titanium

We have already presented some custom bikes last year, but today’s bike probably puts them pretty much in the shade. Because the Kocmo titanium wheel is not only built according to our individual ideas and requirements. About 5 years ago, just before the gravel hype broke out, I had an idea. This led to the Kocmo Randonneur Custom presented today.

The vision

Since there are often lightly gravelled field paths, for example as connecting paths, especially in the training region around Aachen (Mergelland, Eifel, Ardennes), it often bothered me not to be able to use them in road bike training. An important note is that at the time 25mm tire width and maximum 28mm freedom in the frame were standard. Cross bikes, on the other hand, often had very short geometry and were not well suited for longer training rides.

Kocmo Randonneur RR
Randonneur RR is written on it, inside is the full pack Custom

After a few technical considerations, the project was ready for implementation. The basic building block should be the geometry of an old Cervélo R5. A model that was known to me and very appealing in terms of seating position, smoothness and handling. In addition, I wanted to make the then still controversial step to the disc brake, which is known to me from the MTB and promised only advantages.

Of course, you can’t make such a unique piece out of carbon. But that was not bad for me either. Since I want to use the wheel all year, that would probably be a waste anyway – carbon is and remains just not indestructible. But you can make such a wheel perfectly from titanium. Not only does it look timeless, but it can always be refurbished if scratched. The right partner was quickly found in the Stahnsdorf-based company Kocmo. After some arrangements, the implementation was started.

The components

After the right frame was found with the Kocmo Randonneur Custom, of course the attachments had to be selected adapted to the requirement profile. Here, the targeted combination of modern disc brakes with a classic mechanical gearshift is immediately noticeable.

With Shimano’s Dura Ace 9100, the shifting is extremely precise and reliable. 2×11 gears with a ratio of 50/34 on the crank and 11-28 on the cassette help out on steep climbs. In our experience, you can usually do without larger gears outside of races anyway. Since the trains are routed externally, maintenance and renewal is quite simple. In addition, it is easier to get spare parts than for electronic systems such as Shimano Di2 and is here independent of batteries on the road.

The brake calipers differ from the Dura Ace system, since at the time of construction Post Mount was still the common standard. However, the performance is not affected by this – compared to our other wheels.

Kocmo 14 edited

As wheels I now use the Mason X Hunt 4 Season Disc. These are designed according to similar ideas and requirements as the rest of the wheel and also fit ideally into the appearance. The reflective logo provides improved visibility and safety when driving in the evening, morning or at night. We also think this is ideal for training in dim winter weather.

Mason Hunt 4 Season Disc Rim 3M
Reflective 3M detail on Mason X Hunt 4 Season rim

The Mason X Hunt 4 Season wheelset is combined with the Continental GrandPrix 4 Season. This tire has a slightly higher rolling resistance than other models, but is all the more reliable and puncture-proof and thus remains true to the concept of the wheel.

Handlebars and stem come from the SRAM company Zipp and are made of aluminum. That the wheel anyway does not scratch the weight limit of 6.8 kg, stability and durability is also preferred here. Thus, in case of doubt, the bike can continue to be used rather without hesitation even after a fall. The optional stem clamp also offers a speedometer and GoPro mount, which is extremely practical. A Thomson Elite seatpost completes the tidy and straightforward look of the Kocmo Randonneur Custom.

Thomson Elite seatpost with Ergon SR Pro Men saddle

Comfort for long hours offers me the Ergon SR Pro Men saddle. Basically, however, this is a matter in which everyone is different. The rule is: the proof of the pudding is in the eating.

Likewise with the pedals, thinking of long tours I opted for the Shimano SPD MTB system. This makes it easier to run at gas station or café stops, easy to click in and out of both sides and, when combined with the right shoe, just as good as conventional road pedals.

Shimano XT SPD pedals allow comfort at gas stations and café stops


I have already mentioned the first detail with the reflective rims, and it continues directly with the lighting. This one comes from Lupine.

Lupine Lighting Systems on the Kocmo Randonneur Custom

Lupine is known as a manufacturer of high quality lamps and we have always had good experiences with the products so far. The decision for a setup with Lupine products was therefore easy.

The most important is probably the rear light. The Lupine red light is STVO-compatible available and ensures that you are seen outstanding. For use outside of German road traffic, there is the international version which is even brighter. Up to 160 lumens or 120 battery life is possible. Different functions such as continuous light, flashing, pulse, flashing + pulse, brake light or brightness sensor are ideal. The tail light can be attached to the seat post, the seat stays or with the Backpack Mount to a saddle bag (the latter sold separately).

Lupine red light with seat post mount on Kocmo Randonneur Custom
Tidy mounting thanks to the seat stay holder

A cool feature at Lupine is also that all parts such as housing, circuit board or battery can be ordered individually and replaced if defective.

In front, a Lupine Piko with Smartcore battery is used. This can be mounted directly on the GoPro mount of the stem and is so nice and inconspicuous.

Full titanium

Since the frame of my Kocmo Randonneur Custom is made of titanium, not much thought was needed for the bottle cages. King Cage, whose bottle cage we have already shown on many a bike, offers this namely not only in stainless steel, but also in titanium. So the whole thing looks perfectly colored, and offers the usual performance and quality.

Bottom bracket and headset

High quality, durable bearings are available from ChrisKing. Accordingly, we have exactly these installed on my Kocmo Randonneur Custom. At the bottom bracket I have that equipped with a BSA thread, which in my experience is much less susceptible, and in case of defect easily and quickly replaced.

Black Chris King headset
In addition, the Chris King bearings also look chic, and are available in many other colors besides black

Endurance racing and training machine

We have so far withheld something from you in the cockpit, because long-distance riders at various events usually rely on a trailer as known from triathlon or time trial. Of course, this is not mounted in quite such an aggressive position, because even many professionals would probably not endure that for more than an hour. It’s also less about aerodynamics and more about comfort. Because on long tours, the hands, wrists and neck eventually get tired. The additional seating position allows redistribution of weight and is thus very comfortable. Of course, if you save a few watts on the flat to boot, that’s welcome.

Of course, you don’t want to drive around with it every day, and especially in groups, trailers are unpopular. Now you could screw the whole thing on and off every time, but that would not only be a lot of work, but also potentially scratches the upper link in the long run. In addition, the seating position is slightly different each time and you don’t really feel comfortable. After some research, I came across the Redshift Switch System. This is equipped with a QuickRelease quick release, so that always remains a clamp on the handlebars – this does not interfere with normal driving at all – and only the aero handlebar extensions and armrest is removed. Risers and optional S-bend and L-bend extensions allow the system to be adjusted very precisely.

Kocmo Randonneur with mudguards

To be able to train well even in really rainy bad weather, fenders are mandatory. SKS Raceblade Pro XL enclose all important areas of the tire. With you can easily mount and dismount them – but especially in winter they just stay on with me. To protect the frame and fork at the mounting points, it is recommended to apply some frame protection film at the appropriate place.

Kocmo Randonneur Custom Bike with Dura Ace 9100 and Redshift Switch
Kocmo Randonneur Custom – We like!

The complete setup

  • Frame: Kocmo Randonneur Custom Geometry Titanium, externally routed shift cables, disc brake, increased tire clearance.
  • Fork: Enve CX Carbon
  • Wheelset: Mason X Hunt 4Season Disc
  • Tires: Continental GrandPrix 4Season 28mm
  • Shift/brake lever: Shimano Dura Ace 9100
  • Rear derailleur: Shimano Dura Ace 9100
  • Front derailleur: Shimano Dura Ace 9000
  • Brake calipers: Shimano Road Disc PM
  • Crank: Shimano Dura Ace 9100 50/34
  • Headset / bottom bracket: Chris King
  • Handlebar / Stem: Zipp Service Course SL 440mm / 130mm
  • Integrated Zipp bike computer mount
  • Trailer: Redshift Switch System
  • Seatpost: Thomson Elite
  • Saddle: Ergon SR Pro Men
  • Handlebar tape: Zipp CX
  • Bottle cage: King Cage Titanium
  • Lamps: Lupine Piko / Lupine Red Light

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