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New introduction – Garmin Edge 530 and Edge 830

Garmin has introduced two new cycling computers. The Garmin Edge 530 and the Garmin Edge 830.
These bring with them several new features.

Optical changes in the new Garmin Edge series

Garmin Edge 530 Fahrradcomputer bike computer 4
Garmin Edge 530 Front left
Garmin Edge 530 Fahrradcomputer bike computer 5
Garmin Edge 530 right

The display has been enlarged on both devices. Where there used to be a 2.3″ touchscreen, you’ll now find a 2.6″ display. The Edge 830 bike computer has a touchscreen, the Garmin Edge 530 can only be operated via buttons.

Garmin Edge 830 Fahrradcomputer bike computer 4
Garmin Edge 830 front left
Garmin Edge 830 Fahrradcomputer bike computer 5
Garmin Edge 830 right

In addition, the devices have become somewhat rounder than the previous models and are thus strongly reminiscent of the entry-level device Garmin Edge 130, which was introduced last year.

Garmin Edge 830 Fahrradcomputer bike computer 8
Garmin Edge 830 backside – you can see the poles for the optional battery pack

On the back both bike computers now have the possibility to connect the Garmin Charge battery pack. This makes even longer tours easily possible.

Response times and routing

Garmin has installed a new processor in the Edge 30 bike computers. This is supposed to allow faster operation and shorter response times than the previous 20 models. This was a common criticism.

Garmin Edge 530 Fahrradcomputer bike computer 1
Garmin Edge 530 Map

Route calculation is also said to be up to twice as fast. Garmin calls the underlying method “Trendline Popularity Routing”. Similar to Strava and Komoot, Garmin accesses existing route data from customers and uses this as the basis for route guidance. The Garmin Edge 830 offers the possibility to create routes directly on the device.

A map of Europe is pre-installed on both devices. The navigation is based on both visual and acoustic cues and also warns of sharp bends, for example.

Garmin bike computer with Climb Pro

The new Climb Pro feature is available on both devices and is designed to help you better assess unfamiliar climbs.

Garmin Edge 530 Fahrradcomputer bike computer 3
Edge 530 bike computer with Climb Pro

In a graph you will see the data maximum and average percentages in the climb, the distance, the remaining meters of altitude and the average slope therein to the summit, as well as your own position. This should allow you to manage your strength properly.

Training features of the new Garmin headunits

Garmin has expanded the analysis options and performance data. In combination with a power meter, such as the Favero Assioma Duo or the Garmin Vector 3, road cyclists not only receive VO2max, recovery time and training effect as before.

Garmin Edge 830 Fahrradcomputer bike computer 2
Training condition and altitude acclimatization on Garmin Edge 830

The new Garmin Edge cycling computers also provide information about the anaerobic and aerobic training status as well as the load of the last four training weeks. It also provides information on altitude and heat acclimatization and reminders for regular fluid and food intake.

New Garmin cadence and speed sensors

Garmin has introduced new sensors in addition to the new Edge 530 and Edge 830 bike computers. Compared to their predecessors, these have become more compact and now offer Bluetooth Smart compatibility in addition to ANT+.

Garmin Speed and Cadence
New cadence and speed sensors

Garmin’s new cycling sensors are also capable of recording data on their own – very interesting for commuters.

MTB bundle and features of the Garmin Edge series

The two new Garmin Edge headunits are also available as MTB bundle. The new special speed sensor makes it possible to determine various downhill metrics. These include jump height, jump distance and airtime. In addition, Trailforks app data has now been integrated directly into the device map. In addition to the vibration sensor, the MTB bundle includes an MTB mount, a silicone sleeve and a remote control.

Garmin Edge 530 Fahrradcomputer bike computer 2
New MTB data on the Edge 530 headunit

The Performance Bundle is still available for both cycling computers. It includes a heart rate strap and the new sensors for cadence and speed.

Differences Edge 530 and Edge 830

The biggest difference between the new Garmin cycling computers is the navigation features. The Edge 830 allows you to plan routes on the go. It is also possible to search and navigate to addresses and POIs in the database. The Garmin Edge 530 cannot do this. Another difference is the operation via touchscreen or exclusively via buttons.

Overview and prices – Garmin Edge 830 and 530

In summary, the new Garmin Edge cycling computers sound very interesting from our point of view. You get the impression that Garmin has worked in the right places and improved. It also adds useful new features like Climb Pro. Since both bike computers of course support ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart, they are very suitable for training with a power meter like the Garmin Vector 3.

Garmin Unfallerkennung
Edge 530/830 – also with accident detection

We expect the first models to be delivered at the end of Q2 2019. We are excited to be able to test both bike computers as soon as possible and to share our experiences with you.

Here you can find the products in our shop.

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