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Powermeter expert Christoph Lörcks as guest at

One of the most successful posts ever at goes into the second round. Our managing director and powermeter expert Christoph Lörcks was recently Arne Dyck’s guest again and gave an overview of the current happenings on the powermeter market. Since the last visit of  at, one year ago, a lot has happened there. In addition to the established suppliers such as SRM, Quarq or Rotor, numerous new suppliers are entering the market and have turned the price structure upside down in some cases.

In addition, there are numerous new functions and analysis options, which are especially provided by the pedal-based power meters from Garmin, Favero and PowerTap. Stages, which  Christoph Lörcks believes opened up the market almost two years ago, can also come up with innovations and changes. So if you want to buy a power meter, you are faced with a wide range of products with a price range of around 500 – 2500 euros and you are spoilt for choice.

In the following video Arne Dyck discusses together with Christoph Lörcks the differences as well as strengths and weaknesses of the most interesting power meters.How much do you really have to spend? How much effort is required for maintenance and battery replacement, which devices have proven to be particularly reliable?

Christoph Lörcks
Guest at Triathlon Scene

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