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Our training plans are based on coordination with TrainingPeaks. The online platform is one of the most widespread providers for cyclists, runners and triathletes and offers us and you numerous opportunities. The automatic synchronization of workouts is central here. Receive structured workouts customized to your individual performance zones directly to your cycling computer (compatible with devices from Garmin, Wahoo, Hammerhead, Suunto and Polar, among others).

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In the following post, you’ll learn how to start your workout today with TrainingPeaks and fully set up your account. For your everyday training, TrainingPeaks of course also offers an app that provides a quick and easy overview of your sessions, only the setup is a bit easier in the web browser.

Step 1 – Register with TrainingPeaks

The first thing you need to do (if you don’t have an account yet) is register with TrainingPeaks. To do this, simply open the TrainingPeaks homepage.

start with TrainingPeaks

Under “Sign Up” you create your login data and are almost ready to start training.

TrainingPeaks Anmeldung
Name, email and a username and password, that’s all it takes for a quick registration at Trainingpeaks.

TrainingPeaks will then direct you to the “Getting Started” page. Here you have three options. The easiest way is to choose “do it yourself” first. Then you can make further settings and connect your Garmin or Wahoo, for example.

Trainingpeaks Get Started

The home page is certainly a bit overwhelming at first. That’s why we’ve highlighted the settings a bit, as well as the connection management. The calendar view is also located in the top bar, relatively centrally. Here you will find the training sessions planned by your coach in the future.

Trainingpeaks Startseite Neu
Settings can be made very easily with TrainingPeaks

Step 2 – Settings at TrainingPeaks

To get started with TrainingPeaks, it is of course also important to make some settings.

You can easily make settings in your profile via the top navigation, at your username. For example, add a profile picture. You can also choose your favorite sessions, add your coach, or sync and connect your workout calendar with your Google, Outlook, or Apple calendar.

At the beginning you get a 14-day premium subscription for free at TrainingPeaks. To continue your training plan it is not necessary to extend it. On the right side you can already see the classic TrainingPeaks graph with fitness (CTL), fatigue (ATL) and form (TSB). These provide a quick overview of current performance readiness and your training status.

Trainingpeaks Account Einstellungen
All settings at a glance at TrainingPeaks

Step 3 – Connect and synchronize activities

Automatically uploading workout files and syncing workouts to your cycling computer is an important step in making TrainingPeaks easy and fluid.

To do this, select Connect on the start page. If you have been using Trainingpeaks for a long time, this field will not necessarily be shown on the home page. In that case, go to “Apps & Devices” via Settings. Here you can add new connections as well as manage and delete old ones.

Step-by-step instructions are also available for other systems such as Apple Health, Suunto, Polar, Hammerhead, fitbit, Sigma and virtual training worlds such as Zwift or Rouvy.

Garmin Connect

You can easily connect Garmin Connect and TrainingPeaks. While you’re at it, you can also quickly and easily sync and upload up to 5 years of your past workout data, so your entire workout history is accounted for. TrainingPeaks guides you through the process.

Connect Trainingpeaks with Garmin Connect


To connect to a Wahoo bike computer and transfer your data, you need to open the Wahoo app. There you can link your accounts.

Connect Trainingpeaks with Wahoo

Your individual training plan

Starting today with TrainingPeaks is the first step to success in the upcoming season. Even more important is the right training plan. We offer customized packages for everyone – from beginners and amateurs to professionals. With structured training sessions that are aligned with your goals, you will achieve peak performance.

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