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Test/Review – Lezyne Super GPS

Until a few years ago, Lezyne was known mainly for high-quality bicycle lighting. Whether the bike computers are also so qualitative remains open for the time being. Using the Lezyne Super GPS as an example, let’s find out.

Besides the top dog Garmin, Lezyne, Wahoo and co. now also offer high-quality bike computers. To what extent the models can compete and what advantages and disadvantages they offer we want to determine in the next few weeks. Let’s start with the Lezyne Super GPS bike computer.

The bike computer comes in a simple black and white look therefore
The bike computer comes in a simple black and white look therefore

For this we received the Super GPS Loaded Kit – HR/SC from Lezyne. In addition to the bike computer, this also includes a heart rate belt, a speed sensor and a cadence sensor. We tested the Lezyne Super GPS bike computer and the Heart Rate Flow Sensor. We got the cadence in the test through a Favero Assioma Duo powermeter, and determined the speed via GPS.

Unboxing and first impression – Lezyne Super GPS

The Lezyne Super GPS Bundle comes in a convenient plastic box. This is very stable and ensures more than enough that the bike computer is well protected.

Lezyne Super GPS Kit
Lezyne Super GPS Kit

When you open the box, the main components of the scope of delivery are presented immediately. The bike computer and sensors are carefully and accurately embedded in foam.

We are the first to get out the bike computer and are positively surprised. The device is extremely light. On the other hand, we quickly notice that the case of the Lezyne Super GPS is a bit chunkier. One of the reasons for this is the handlebar mount, which we will discuss later. The plastic of the case doesn’t seem quite as high quality as we’re used to from a Garmin device like the Edge 520, but it’s still finished to a high standard.

Next, the red transparent heart rate sensor with its eye-catching design catches our eye directly and pleases us well. Both the sensor and the heart rate strap have a high-quality appearance.

Lezyne Heart Rate Flow Sensor
Lezyne Heart Rate Flow Sensor

The speed and cadence sensor looks similar in quality to the other products.

Under the cover you will find the remaining components of the scope of delivery. Here is on the one hand the strap of the heart rate sensor, various handlebar mounts and the user manual.

The first impression of the Lezyne Super GPS is good and makes us excited to go into the field test.

Setting up the Lezyne Super GPS

After charging the Lezyne Super GPS bike computer and before the first ride, let’s do an initial setup. For this purpose, there is a dedicated app from Lezyne. You connect the smartphone on which you have installed the app via Bluetooth with the bike computer. Then you can make various settings such as the training pages directly. Thus, the intuitive smartphone user interface is available. This was very helpful and allowed you to quickly customize the training pages to your own habits and preferences. While riding, the Lezyne Super GPS bike computer is operated by 2 buttons each on the right and left side.

Quickly speed, power, heart rate, cadence, distance and ride time have found their place and the Lezyne Super GPS is ready for the first test ride.

Mounting & Connecting the Sensors to the Super GPS Bike Computer

We mounted the Lezyne Super GPS to the top handlebar using the rubber ring mount provided. The Super GPS is moved 45 degrees into the X-Lock mount, inserted with slight pressure and then rotated to its final position. Since the bike computer does not only interlock horizontally in the holder, but also vertically thanks to an elastic plastic part, it always sits securely. We like that!

Super GPS with X-Lock handlebar mount
Super GPS with X-Lock handlebar mount

Even on cobblestone stretches, which are encountered more frequently in our test region in eastern Belgium and the Dutch region of Limburg, the mount did not cause any problems. On the other hand, the bike computer is much higher than comparable models from Garmin or Wahoo. Especially visually, it takes a little getting used to.

Setting up and connecting ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart sensors is hassle-free. When using the device for the first time, the desired device is added via the settings. With further use, the Lezyne Super GPS Headunit automatically connects to the sensors. In the test, we connected a Lezyne Heart Rate Flow sensor and a powermeter for power and cadence data.

Riding with the Lezyne Super GPS

The test rides with the Lezyne Super GPS were quite positive. The bike computer starts surprisingly fast and is ready immediately. This is also due to the fact that the connection to the sensors and the GPS network is quickly established. Data transmission from the sensors ran continuously and without failures, both via ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart.

The home screen always shows the battery status of the cycling computer and the connected devices, sensors and mobile phone. A practical feature!

The bike computer was able to confirm the stated battery life of 24 hours even in cold spring weather and also worked to our satisfaction in other respects.

Training view of the Super GPS bike computer - here with speed, distance, power, heart rate and cadence
Training view of the Super GPS bike computer – here with speed, distance, power, heart rate and cadence

The colorless display is very readable even in strong sun or rain and offers a reasonable overview of the desired data. Up to 8 fields can be viewed at the same time. If you are just getting into controlled training, however, we recommend that you display rather few fields, regardless of which cycling computer you use. In this way, the view is not distracted from the essentials, the road, and the display remains clear.

The Lezyne Super GPS Aero Front Mount
The Lezyne Super GPS Aero Front Mount

It is positive that all buttons are always easily accessible even in the aero front mount. If you follow the instructions, the heart rate monitor works very reliably. The connection works without any problems and the sensor is always activated by itself when you put it on. It is important to moisten the measuring surface before use, otherwise no or wrong measured values will be output.

Isolated operating problems

The operation via the 4 buttons on the sides of the bike computer is sometimes difficult. Especially with gloves, these are difficult and complicated to operate. The assignment of the buttons in the menu navigation is not always intuitive. It’s a bit of a shame that you can’t pause the ride quickly – you have to hold the button down. If you only press briefly, a round is triggered. However, Lezyne offers an auto-pause function for this. In conjunction with the integrated acceleration sensor and the GPS signal, this immediately detects when you stop. For example, a stop at a traffic light is detected precisely and quickly, the system is paused and reactivated when the vehicle moves off. This means that only the actual driving time is registered and average values are more realistic.

The Lezyne Super GPS offers some basic navigation features.

Navigation with the Lezyne Super GPS

Whether you want to ride with planned routes or just like to go for it and then need help on the way home, the Lezyne Super GPS offers 3 helpful basic functions.

  1. Breadcrumb navigation
  2. App navigation
  3. Online navigation planning

The breadcrumb navigation of the Super GPS bike computer is kept very simple. The bike computer does not provide you with a map. You only see the starting point and the route you have driven so far. This provides an easy overview and if in doubt you can head back towards your starting point, but overall this feature is a bit chaotic.

The app navigation works as follows. In the app, you enter the desired destination and receive three route suggestions, which unfortunately you can no longer edit. If you then press “Go”, the route is sent to the bike computer via Bluetooth and you are navigated with battery signals and route guidance instructions (street names). However, the accuracy could still be worked on a bit. The directions were often inaccurate or confusing, causing us to take wrong turns and have to turn back. In that case, however, there was always a warning notice, as is standard with other manufacturers.

With the online planning https://www.lezyne.com/gpsroot/gps_login.php you can design the route completely freely. You can then call up the route in the app and load it onto the Super GPS. The sporadic misdirections in the navigation are also preserved here.

Conclusion on the Lezyne Super GPS

The Lezyne Super GPS is a high-quality bike computer and can be seen as an entry-level all-rounder. Especially in the bundle, in addition to the cycling computer, practical accessories are included for the start of planned and controlled training. In addition, this Lezyne head unit offers simple navigation functions.

A bike computer for beginners - Lezyne Super GPS
A bike computer for beginners – Lezyne Super GPS

The full scope of operation and use is only available in conjunction with the app and the cloud – but then it is designed to be simple. In a price range of 150,- to 230,- Euro (including all sensors) the system is rightly located and quite competitive compared to the top dog Garmin.

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