The Orthomechanics OrthoGun 2.0 – recovery for everyone?

Numerous competitions in the last 20 years have led us to the conclusion that not only the right training but above all sufficient rest are an important part of good performance. Especially with amateur athletes, we often notice that this point is neglected or that no thought is given to it at all. OrthoGun 2.0 from Orthomechanik changes that.

Especially massage guns known from social media have received more and more attention in recent years. Personally, however, we have had rather bad experiences, especially in terms of build quality. Therefore, we were very excited to test the Orthomechanik OrthoGun 2.0. After 3/4 of a year of intensive use, here is our opinion.

Orthomechanics OrthoGun 2.0

What is the OrthoGun?

The Orthogun is a massage gun that can be used before or after sports. It allows self-massage of all muscle groups and more performance. As a hyper-focused warm-up, a short application of the OrthoGun stimulates blood flow prior to exercise. This prepares the muscle for the load and reduces the risk of injury. The OrthoGun can also be used during training, between intense load blocks such as intervals on the tartan track or sets in the gym. In doing so, it loosens the muscles, supports blood circulation and thus the breakdown and removal of lactate.

After the workout, the massage gun will help you with the ideal regeneration. Even a short application prevents muscle soreness and helps you start fresh into the next workout. This way you can always give 100%.

A young athlete uses the OrthoGun 2.0 orthomechanics in the shoulder area
The OrthoGun helps, for example, with tension in the neck and shoulder area

The first impression

The Orthomechanick OrthoGun 2.0 comes with a travel case as well as numerous attachments for different purposes. All parts have a great feel and look very high quality. The attachments fit well and have no play.

Our experience with Orthomechanics OrthoGun 2.0

We tested the OrthoGun last year mainly after sports as a regeneration tool. But it was also convincing in some tests before and during training. Especially as a hobby athlete, you usually lack daily access to massages, sauna or ice bath. Professionals usually get quite a bit of performance out of this. Especially in events like the Tour de France it is generally known that not necessarily the best rider wins, but the one with the best recovery between the individual stages.

With the OrthoGun, we could feel a real difference here. Both after long bike rides like our Komoot Classics: Milan SanRemo and after short and intense exertions like a criterium, we feel significantly less fatigue the following day and feel fresher. The same applies to runs and other loads. Our colleague Jannik used the OrthoGun 2.0 in the inaugural season of the European League of Football to aid his recovery after strength and team training sessions as well as game days, which in this physical sport are often marked by muscle bruises, etc.

Features of the OrthoGun 2.0

The scope of delivery of the Orthomechanik OrthoGun 2.0 includes, in addition to the massage gun, charger and travel case, seven interchangeable attachments, which make the application always individually adaptable to your needs. This is ideal for any region of the body and type of pain. The metal covered attachments allow hygienic application with massage oil or even our AminoSkin Recovery.

Scope of delivery of the Orthomechanik OrthoGun 2.0 including travel case

Orthomechanik uses an innovative UltraSilent technology in the OrthoGun 2.0. Thus, the noise level is below 50 dB, which allows the most pleasant use in all circumstances. For example, the massage gun can be used to create a relaxing block in the evening in front of the TV or favorite series. The device is even quieter on the low intensity settings.

The brushless 160 watt motor operates on five levels that are selectable via an intuitive one-button control. The individual intensity levels differ in vibration frequency.

120hz1200 rpm
225hz1600 rpm
336hz2200 rpm
446hz2800 rpm
553.33hz3200 rpm
With these concrete frequencies works the engine of the Orthogun

The rather low-frequency settings one to three are well suited for recovery and relaxation of the muscles, for example in the evening or directly after training. The higher-frequency levels three to five tend to build up tension in the muscles and are therefore suitable as a warm-up before training and competition or, depending on the desired effect, between individual exercises and sets.

We were particularly impressed by the battery life. The Orthogun 2.0 includes a 3400 mAh LG battery. This allows for over 2 weeks of battery life with 20 minutes of daily use. A practical LED shows the battery status very easily.

  • Green light: 70 – 100%
  • Yellow light: 30 – 70%
  • Red light: 0 – 30%

When the OrthoGun is empty, the charging process from 0 to 100% takes approx. 3 hours.

At only 828g and good handling, it is very easy to work different muscle groups. The handle is non-slip and also otherwise the massage gun from Orthomechanik is made of high quality.

The OrthoGun cannot

The OrthoGun 2.0 is not waterproof. Furthermore, the battery cannot be replaced in case of a defect.

Both are completely negligible from our point of view, because on the one hand, we never noticed any risk of the massage gun getting wet during our use. On the other hand, Orthomechanik offers a two-year warranty on the device and the battery. Beyond the warranty, devices with a defective battery are currently offered to be fully replaced for only 39€.


Yes, depending on the type of sport and load, you can of course use the Orthogun in very different ways. Thanks to the many, quickly interchangeable attachments, the right setting can always be found.

At the beginning of the application one should always pay attention to relax the addressed muscle group, so for the calf bend the leg loosely, while for the front of the thigh stretch out the leg long.

My personal favorite as a cyclist and runner is the fork attachment for thighs and calves. With this, I first work my muscles at the lowest level and then increase the intensity every few minutes (up to level 3). Especially after strenuous training days I notice so directly a difference. My legs are loose don’t feel as sluggish even when working out the next day.

In our experience, the pointed attachment (Cone Head) is also very suitable for working on tension, trigger points or small muscle and fiber groups such as the sole of the foot.

Orthogun 5

Conclusion on Orthomechanics OrthoGun 2.0

The Orthogun is a convenient recovery tool for home and on the go. The ease of use allows you to quickly learn how to use it, so the massage gun is very suitable even for people without previous experience and directly contributes to relaxation. The excellent battery life is great for all users, whether daily or irregular, because nothing is more annoying than a device that is not ready when you need it. Since the LED indicator gives an early warning, you can still use the device 4-5 times without any problems.

All in all, the Orthomechanik OrthoGun 2.0 is suitable for all athletes, from hobbyists and amateurs to professionals, because improved recovery is an important step towards personal best performances.

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