Amino acids in sports.

Sporting exertion causes a constant rebuilding of body substance in the body. In order for these processes to take place, amino acids are needed as building blocks. Athletes in particular therefore have an increased need for amino acids, which makes a supplementary supply sensible. This can lead not only to an increase in performance (strength, endurance) but also to a promotion of regeneration.

Natural performance enhancement through amino acids in sports.

This is exactly where AminoSkin comes in. The AminoSkin sports lotions are based on the innovative idea of providing amino acids directly to the stressed muscles via the skin. This should avoid stray losses in the gastrointestinal tract and improve the effect. AminoSkin thus allows a targeted and local application of the amino acids contained in order to induce the specific effects of these in the desired muscle groups.

AminoSkin Power – Supports your strength and interval training with arginine, the nitrogen precusor.
AminoSkin Power contains the NO-booster arginine and supports your performance at high interval and submaximal strength loads.

AminoSkin Endurance – For your endurance training. Enriched with high quality taurine.
AminoSkin Endurance contains the amino sulphonic acid taurine and supports your endurance capacity during long endurance sessions.

AminoSkin Recovery – For your regeneration. Because you will only get better through optimal recovery.
AminoSkin Recovery contains glutamine, one of the most important amino acids in sports and supports your ability to recover after every training and competition.

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