BB386 evo bottom bracket

The BB386 EVO bottom bracket is a further development of the already long existing BB30 system. The company FSA (Full Speed Ahead) developed it further and changed individual parts, so that a new crank system came to light. In the new name BB386EVO, EVO stands for evolution, so the system cannot be confused with older models. The crankshaft is 18.5 mm longer than the BB30 shaft. In addition, the crank arms are less cranked outwards. However, the Q-factor remains unchanged with the FSA cranks. This allows the EVO cranks to be lighter and more stable.

As with other systems, BB ( bottom bracket ) simply stands for the term bottom bracket in English and the attached numbers allow conclusions about the dimensions of the bottom bracket. The BB386 EVO bottom bracket thus has a bottom bracket shell width of 86 mm or 86.5 mm and is thus one of the widest systems. Due to the further development to the BB30 bottom bracket, an outer diameter of the crankshaft of 30 mm is also required for the BB386 EVO bottom bracket. The BB386 EVO bottom bracket itself has an outer diameter of 42mm.

To ensure a flawless and low-resistance running, FSA relies on precise workmanship and high-quality material for the BB386 EVO bottom bracket. Aluminium is used for the outer shells. Bearing balls or rolling elements are made of stainless steel. However, bottom brackets from other manufacturers can also be mounted. Ceramic bearings are also available. If you have a BB30 frame, a straight BB30 crankset is still the best solution. The EVO advantage comes into play when you have a frame with the wider, stiffer BB386 EVO bottom bracket shell. If you decide to use an EVO crank on a BB30 / PFBB30 frame, there are matching spacers or spacers to fill the gap between the bottom brackets and the crank arms. Also 24mm crankshafts fit as well with the corresponding 42mm bottom bracket or adapter.

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