Compensation area

The compensation area represents a training area of the bike training.

Training in the compensation area has a regeneration character for optimal processing of previous training and competition loads. It also serves to increase resilience for subsequent, more intense training loads and competitions. The energy supply is aerobic, the lactate value in the blood is 0-2 mmol/l.

Training intensity is low in the compensation range, it is the lowest intensity level of bike training. Heart rate should be determined by performance diagnostics and should not exceed 60% of maximum heart rate. The cadence is 60-100 rpm with a gear ratio of 4.8 – 6.0 meters. The wattage in the compensation range looks like not exceeding 50% of the IANS or FTP.

Each training session in the compensation area is 30-60 km in length and a flat route profile. This is the continuous power method.

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