Egg white

Protein, as well as carbohydrates and fats, belong to the group of indispensable nutrients. They are the basic building blocks of cells and replace used structures. Proteins differ in the composition of their amino acids. In the organism, a constant build-up and breakdown of protein structures takes place. Overall, there is a dynamic balance between build-up (anabolism) and breakdown (catabolism).

In the body there is an amino acid reserve of about 600- 700 g available. Protein in the diet is supposed to provide amino acids to build the body’s own proteins. The intake quantity depends on the extent of the load. Proteins have a different biological value, this depends on how much body protein can be built up by 100 g of food protein.

The main sources of protein are dairy products, meat, fish, eggs, cereal products, potatoes and rice. If protein requirements are high, protein concentrates can be taken. For those who are active in sports, a protein-rich diet promotes muscle growth, the ability to concentrate and coordinate, and the stimulation of the metabolism (regulation of appetite and fat loss).

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