Funfair race

Funfair races (Flemish Kermiskoers / English Kermesse) are an integral part of Belgian cycling culture, along with cyclocross. They enjoy great popularity and attract riders not only from all over Belgium, but also from the Netherlands, France Germany and even Great Britain.

Funfair races are held annually in connection with a fair, village festival or funfair.

The circuit races are similar to the criteria just widespread in Germany but are held on a usually longer lap of 6-12 kilometers outside the village. The overall race distance is also longer, usually between 90 and 140 kilometers. The longest races have to 180 kilometers. Combined with the high level of performance in Belgian cycling, these bike races are therefore very tough. There is a lot of attacking and out of town there are often wind edge situations. Criterion-type bonuses are common. The entry fee is usually small.

At a Belgian funfair race you can meet all kinds of riders. There are categories for amateurs, seniors, juniors and U23 riders as well as for the elite. Riders from Belgian World Tour teams in particular always find their way to funfair races. The partly semi-official status in the UCI calendar ensures that you can start together with the best elite amateurs.

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