PressFit BB92 bottom bracket

The PressFit BB 92 bottom bracket belongs to the same bottom bracket assembly as the PressFit BB 89.5 or the PressFit BB86 bottom bracket. These bearings are enclosed by a shell made from aluminium or glass fibre reinforced polyamide. This means that the bearing and bearing shell are first pressed into the bicycle frame or bottom bracket shell. Apart from the common feature that each individual bottom bracket is pressed into the housing and not screwed and is surrounded by a shell, the PressFit BB92, just like all other bottom brackets of the same type also has the same 41 mm outer diameter. The PressFit BB92 differs from the PressFit BB86, which is used for road bikes, in that it has a different case width. Instead of a housing width of 86 mm with the PressFit BB86, the PressFit BB92 bottom bracket has a width of 92 mm. Here, a further distinction is made whether the bottom bracket itself has a width of 92 mm or only a width of 89.5 mm. With a housing width of 89.5 mm, washers of 2.5 mm thickness are placed between the frame and the bottom bracket to compensate for the housing width.

PressFit BB92 bearings are available in various designs. For almost every MTB crank and application, there is the right bearing in different quality levels. Also for Fatbikes suitable PressFit BB104,5, BB107 and BB121 bearings are offered for the much wider frames. The inner diameter of the bearing rings determines which bicycle crank can be installed. Here, too, it is important that the bottom bracket shell is precisely manufactured so that the bearings are exactly aligned with the crankshaft. Suitable bottom brackets can be found for various MTB cranks like Shimano HollowTech II, SRAM DUB, SRAM GXP, BB30, PF30, Praxis Works, Cannondale Ai or Rotor UBB cranks. For 29 mm or 30 mm thick crankshafts, particularly flat bearings are used in order to fit them into comparatively small 41 mm bottom bracket shells. However, these are said to have a shorter life span. For PressFit BB92, BB95 (TREK), PF30 or BB30 bearings you need a tool to press them in and another tool to press them out. Improper installation of Pressfit bearings may result in damage to the frame or bearing.

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