Repeat method

The repetitive method is characterized by repeated, intense loading. Between the load phases there is a complete or rewarding break. In the case of complete rest, all stressed functional systems should return approximately to the initial position before stress during the recovery phases. In the repetition method, the heart rate should drop below 100 beats per minute.

The repetition method differs from the interval method in the nature of its pause. The interval method provides for a rewarding rest, during which only 50% of the recovery is achieved. However, the difference can only be determined exactly theoretically. In training practice, the transitions are fluid, which is why sometimes there is no separation between interval and repetition methods.

Since the repetition method emphasizes complete recovery during breaks, it is possible to ensure a particularly high quality of load, all repetitions can be completed according to plan. Intervals with short rests cannot always provide that, so the last intervals are not completed at the correct intensity, over the planned length, or at all.

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