TCX file

A TCX file is a file format of the company Garmin. The file format is designed for the data exchange of GPS and fitness data between the various products of the company Garmin. Because of the name TCX file Garmin also uses the abbreviation .tcx as file extension. Just like most other file formats, all TCX files are based on XML text data. In addition to the usual GPS information such as coordinates, altitude and time, training data related to heart rate and cadence can also be stored as TCX files. If there are any errors in the TCX files, the missing information can be easily added using the TCX Converter. Through the company’s own software it is then also possible to receive, send and analyze the TCX files. Unfortunately, not all GPS software is compatible with TCX files, so tours or tracks that are available in .gpx format must be converted to TCX files by the TCX Converter.

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