Training principles

Training principles are superordinate instructions for the training process, orientation validities with high general validity. They are not statements of law in the strict sense. Training principles are based either on practical training experience or on scientifically supported facts (Zintl, 1997).

Training principles to trigger adaptation :

Training principle (P)Biological influence factor
P of the effective load stimulusStimulus level rule
P of progressive load increaseParabolic curve of the adaptation
P of the variation of the training loadStimulus level rule

Training principles to ensure adaptation :

Training principle (P)Biological influence factor
P the optimal design of load and recovery Supercompensation, heterochronicity of adaptation.
P of repetition and continuityDeadaption
P of periodization and cyclization Phase character of the adaptation process

Training principles to specifically control adaptation:

Training principle (P)Biological influence factor
P of individuality and age appropriateness Individual adaptation
P of increasing specializationSpecific adaptation
P the regulating interaction of individual training elements Interaction of specific and non-specific adaptation

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