Wahoo is an American manufacturer of cycling computers, indoor trainers and gauges. The indoor trainers are among the best you can find on the market today. The special feature is a new advanced algorithm, which offers you a quiet, precise and therefore advanced realistic indoor training. The Kickr indoor trainers are also used by professional athletes and are the perfect way to train in winter or warm up before races.

Other items include the Kickr Headwind and the Kickr climb, which provide a realistic representation of headwind and climb. In addition, Wahoo has several bike computers on offer that offer competition to the Garmin bike computers and Garmin fitness watches. These are available in several variants and feature ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart technology. This allows the data of all measuring systems to be displayed in real time and at the same time the cycling computer can connect to a smartphone to display important messages directly on the display. Thus, the Wahoo bike computers are the right choice for all cyclists who want to raise their level again.

Wahoo was founded in 2009 by Chip Hawkins in the American state of Georgia. In the meantime, the popular manufacturer of bike trainers and bike computers has almost 100 employees and the Wahoo KICKR is also very popular with professionals as an important part of the warm-up program. Since 2014, Wahoo has been an official sponsor of the professional cycling team Team Sky/Ineos and is also an equipment supplier and sponsor for well-known athletes worldwide, such as Chris Froome.

Wahoo Indoor Trainer

The Wahoo KICKR is an indoor bike trainer that allows you to squeeze a little workout into your packed daily schedule no matter the weather. Professional athletes use this to train and warm up before races. The KICKR is very quiet and therefore perfect for concentrated training. The Wahoo indoor trainers are particularly interesting because they are very inexpensive compared to other indoor trainers. For more scientific purposes, for example, SRM indoor trainers are more commonly used. Other indoor trainers where you don’t use your own bike, but train on a separate bike with a flywheel include the Cycle Ops indoor trainers.

Through the use of new software, it is possible to recreate the driving experience on a real road very accurately. The training can also be supplemented by virtual routes and geo-synchronized videos, which turn every session into an intensive indoor training experience. By using various online platforms, you can thus tailor your training to suit you perfectly.

Since the KICKR is used by high-performance athletes for warming up and training, it must be stable and meet these tough requirements. The Wahoo indoor trainer is built tough enough to withstand all your indoor workouts and let you train efficiently. The Wahoo KICKR are smart trainers and offer you many different apps and software training options that you can also control via your smartphone.

In addition, an accurate power measurement system is built in, which makes it possible to monitor the training progress accurately. Through the compatibility with the KICKR Climb it is also possible, as mentioned at the beginning, to realistically include altitude in your training.

Wahoo bike computer

The bike computers from Wahoo, such as the ELEMNT, or The ELEMNT Bolt are completely wireless bike computers and comparable to the Garmin models: Garmin Edge 820 bike computer and Garmin Edge 520 bike computer. Through a QR code and the corresponding APP, the Wahoo bike computer is connected to the smartphone in seconds, which offers even more possibilities in training control. The bike computers have a navigation system where you can set routes, or navigate to specific destinations simply by pressing a button in the app. In addition, the ELEMNT models have a live tracking system to communicate your training progress in real time to selected people. Of course, you can also display your performance on the bike computers. Through a Wahoo bike computer can also be controlled in another function of the Wahoo Indoortrainer in several modes. This includes, among other things, the re-riding of outdoor routes or the implementation of training plans and training sessions. Training control according to a target wattage is also possible.

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