Performance diagnostics

Due to current constraints associated with the global Covid-19 pandemic, we are unable to provide sports science services at this time. If you have any questions, you can of course contact us at any time.

No matter if you are an amateur or professional rider – if you have long-term training goals and want to achieve them effectively, you can’t avoid a performance diagnostic. Performance diagnostics offers you as an athlete the opportunity to have your training areas precisely determined. This way you make your progress measurable and thus comparable. Performance diagnostics as a basis for targeted training in endurance sports allows you to specifically train and develop certain skills during training. You can eliminate your weaknesses and by analyzing your strengths you know exactly which races suit you in the coming season.

Our team, around sports scientist and managing director Christoph Lörcks, will support you with many years of experience. Not only from the cooperation with the former Team NetApp (today BORA hansgrohe), but also from the support of numerous professional individual athletes, we therefore bring valuable input.

Diagnostics Standard

Through our proven diagnostic model, which is based on a lactate level test, we determine your current performance level and can conclude with the help of the lactate values on the respective metabolic situations during the load and thus determine your training areas very accurately.the Latkatstufentest you carry out with us with your own bike on a Cyclus2 high performance ergometer from RBM. In this case, your frame is clamped to the ergometer without front and rear wheels. This allows you to carry out the laboratory test in your usual sitting position and the elastomer suspension of the ergometer gives you a very natural riding feeling.

After the performance diagnostics, you can take a quick shower while we prepare the evaluation and discuss it with you afterwards. Here we can also discuss your individual goals and give you important tips for your future training. The evaluation with your lactate, heart rate and performance data will be printed out and you will have all the necessary values to control your training.

In addition to the classic lactate level test, we also offer PowerProfiling and professional diagnostics with determination of the maximum lactate formation rate and performance in the range of maximum aerobic endurance capacity.

power profiling

With Power Profiling, you will be sent instructions for a series of field tests. You then carry out these tests independently during training and send us the recorded power meter data by email. We then analyze these and create a so-called "PowerProfile" for you. Based on this data, we then determine your training areas and send you a detailed evaluation with an explanation of the data.

Diagnostics Pro

Diagnostics Pro takes a particularly close look at your performance-specific parameters. In addition to the classic lactate level test, we also carry out a test with you to determine the maximum lactate formation rate and determine your performance in the area of maximum aerobic endurance capacity with the help of a ramp test. This allows us to determine a more accurate profile of your individual strengths and weaknesses in addition to determining your training areas. This gives you even more clues to optimally control your training in scope and intensity and to develop the full potential of your performance.

We are also happy to advise you on professional training planning and can answer all your questions about performance measurement in cycling quickly and practically.

Diagnostics and training

Determining your training areas, however, is only the first step to a successful season. Our professionally managed training plan will help you achieve your maximum performance. You can find more about it here.

Further information on the subject of performance diagnostics

Performance diagnostics in cycling includes examination and test procedures that provide information about the current state of health, the resilience and the performance level of an athlete. On the one hand, performance diagnostics provides initial data for individual training control and, on the other hand, as a training-accompanying measure, enables optimal control and management of the training process. It thus has an essential function for the adaptation of individual training planning.

In professional sports, performance diagnostics is a common procedure for determining individual performance. It is used not only in cycling, but also in athletics, soccer or American soccer (in each case in an adapted form).

Known methods for performance diagnostics in different sports are for example: