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Carboloading & Massgainer includes high calorie, high carbohydrate supplements.

Carboloading is a process in endurance sports in which the body’s own carbohydrate stores are filled up on the last days before a competition through targeted nutrition in order to be able to access as much energy as possible. This practice is also used in high impact team sports such as football and soccer.

Massgainers are used by strength athletes and other athletes to get into a calorie surplus even during heavy training phases and thus gain body weight. In addition to carbohydrates, massgainers often include about 20 grams of protein per serving.

For ultra-distances (Ironman, 24 hour races, other events with >6 hours) massgainer or carboloading products (maltodextrin, dextrose) can be taken after the race to cover the calorie requirement.