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Elite Training Mat
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Elite Drivo II Indoor Trainer

If the weather is uncomfortably cold or wet and your motivation to bike is dwindling, then of course you can also train indoors. Are you looking for a little variety in your roller training or would you rather do structured workouts on a Smart indoor trainer? There is a suitable device on the market for almost every taste.

There are many different ways to ride a bike indoors, and the concept of different bike trainers is fundamentally different. That’s why there are so many terms and designations for indoor trainers.

With the classic roller trainer, the rear axle is clamped and the tire drives a roller. The resistance is controlled electronically or mechanically and, depending on the model, it can be adjusted by remote control. The disadvantage of some roller trainers is the loudness and wear and tear, as well as the slippage of the tire at high torque. Therefore, you should install special roller trainer tires. Due to its comparatively low price, simplicity and low effort, the classic roller trainer is widely used.

On a free roller the complete bike is ridden on three rollers. This concept requires good coordination, a lot of attention and some practice. The riding experience is not the same as a fixed roller trainer. Free roller trainers can of course also be coupled with various training platforms via Bluetooth or ANT+. For strenuous interval training you should have some experience.

On a direct drive indoor trainer, the rear wheel is removed and a flywheel is connected to the chain via the cassette. This allows a direct transmission of the power and also usually a lower noise level than with classic roller trainers. The current models all have a Bluetooth or ANT+ interface to connect to a smartphone or tablet. The resistance of the flywheel can also be varied in this way.

Complete smart indoor trainer bikes look like a spinning bike. These are mostly customizable indoor bikes with racing bike handlebars and gears, etc.. The geometry can also be adjusted for many models. However, these large indoor bikes take up a lot of space, as you can’t easily stow away such a device.