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Lupine Penta Headlamp XP Sport
Lupine Penta headlamp
Lupine Alpha Helmet Lamp XP Sport
Lupine Alpha Lamp
Lupine Piko Lamp Head XP Sport
Lupine lamp head
139,00 539,00 
Lupine Blika R Lamp Head 0
Lupine Blika All-In-One Lamp Set
Lupine Piko All-in-One Set Helmet Lamp Stir Lamp 00
Lupine Piko All-In-One Lamp Set
Lupine Red Light MAX Taillight (StVZO) 01
Lupine Red Light MAX Taillight (StVZO)
Lupine Blika RX Headlamp XP Sport
Lupine Blika Lamp
369,00 439,00 
Lupine NEO Headlamp XP-Sport 0
Lupine Neo Lamp
189,00 229,00 
Lupine Piko R Strinlampe XP-Sport
Lupine Piko lamp
319,00 389,00 
Knog Lil' Cobber Taillight XP-Sport 1
Knog Lil' Cobber Taillight
Lupine Betty R Headlamp XP Sport
Lupine Betty R Lamp
779,00 879,00 
Lupine Wilma RX Headlamp XP Sport
Lupine Wilma Lamp
489,00 619,00 
Knog Mid Cobber Taillight XP-Sport 2
Knog Mid Cobber tail light
Garmin-Varia-UT800-Helmet Lamp-Trail-XP-Sport-1
Garmin Varia UT800 helmet lamp
Lupine Betty TL2 Flashlight LED XP-Sport 03
Lupine Betty TL2 Flashlight
Lupine Piko TL MiniMax Max Flashlight Torch 02
Lupine Piko TL Flashlight
295,00 315,00 

It is better to light a single small light than to curse the darkness, the Chinese philosopher Confucius once said.

It does not always have to be the lack of time that drives us to become active in the evening or early in the morning. Often it is simply too warm to devote time to his hobby. Certain places can be better used when they are not crowded with people. Hiking or cycling tours can sometimes run longer than planned, so you are well advised with the appropriate lighting. In addition, light serves to avoid being overlooked when driving in traffic, for example. In principle, good visibility is an important safety aspect, as is not being overlooked by other road users.

Lighting can be mounted in different positions depending on requirements and application. The headlamp or helmet lamp follows your head movement at every turn. In poor visibility through rough terrain or in changing light conditions in the city. Bicycle lighting for road use is also different from the lighting you use on dark trails or in a race. A helmet lamp and an additional light on the handlebars provide optimal illumination for fast descents and in bad weather.

The combination of bicycle front light and rear light is mandatory as bicycle lighting to be safe on the road. An additional rear light on the helmet or backpack increases passive safety. But even when jogging, an additional red light on the back and reflective elements on the clothing is a useful addition. As another addition to your equipment, a flashlight is always a good choice. On longer trips you should always take a second light source with you, as well as a second or third battery, depending on capacity, if there are no long breaks in restaurants or overnight stays where you can recharge the devices. A powerbank with a solar element provides you with additional energy for electronic devices such as your bike computer or sports watch during long outdoor activities.