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Our goal at Revel Bikes is to make the absolute best full suspension mountain bikes in the world. To achieve this, we are the only company that uses the mostly unknown yet legendary CBF suspension design (Canfield Balance Formula). We use a special carbon layup technology developed by Jason Schiers, the original founder of Enve. Revel is obsessed with all the details, because we love riding good bikes even more than we love making them.

We are bike enthusiasts, a mix of dirt bikers, die-hard developers and business people. Since we are owned by die-hard bikers and privately funded, we can do whatever we want. That’s why we created Revel Bikes, to support our passion and achieve this goal: to build the absolute best full suspension mountain bikes – ever. And to do that, we’ve recruited a team of industry icons.

Adam Miller, the owner and deep rooted bike nerd who founded two previous bike companies. Jeremiah Starkey, former lead engineer at RockShox and Trust Performance. He now manages all mechanical engineering aspects of our bikes. He worked with Chris Canfield, who designed and patented our truly magical suspension. Mike “Steezy” Giese, arguably the most talented industrial designer in the bike world, can also put any of us on bikes to shame. And he has spent hundreds of hours making our products look as good as they drive. Chris Reichel helps us tell our story and makes sure we have fun. Matt drives the Stoke around the country while Greg and Andy provide the best customer service in the business. For us, there is nothing like the thrill of crossing an embankment or leaping over a jump without being able to focus on the path ahead.

Our commitment to sustainability

Here at Revel, our goal is more than just making amazing bikes. And it’s more than just trying to provide the best customer service and shopping experience possible. Our overall goal is to go home and feel good every day, and that goes a step further – we want to find balance for ourselves and others by making this world a better place by any means necessary.

To this end, we are committed to operating in as environmentally friendly a manner as possible. We recycle all incoming boxes and plastics that come into our office, and we do not use plastic or paper goods in our break room or office. In addition, we work with a manufacturer who also adheres to these principles. They are committed to recycling carbon fiber, minimizing or eliminating the use of harsh chemicals in the manufacturing process.