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Squirt Lube Low Temp Chain Wax
Squirt Lube Low Temp Chain Wax
Squirt Lube chain wax
Squirt Lube chain wax
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Squirt Cycling Products – A practicing attorney came up with the idea of a syringe-like lubrication system that attaches to the bike’s bottle cage and aligns over the chain, allowing you to lubricate your chain on the go. The reason was that the wax lubricants of the time were not suitable for a long ride. Oil was not wanted, because it turned black, collected dirt and formed an abrasive paste that quickly wore out the chain and was not environmentally friendly.

So three mountain bike enthusiasts came together, an engineer, a pharmacist and another lawyer, to start a company. The technical partner made the technical drawings, then a first product sample was ordered. In the course of 2003, the first lubrication system for mobile lubrication was finally produced. The next step was to produce our own lubricant for filling the mobile lubrication system. The challenge was to produce a biodegradable wax lubricant that would not turn black or leave unwanted stains on legs and clothing. The pharmacist supervised the development process and after extensive testing under South African conditions, it was found that the wax lubricant was so effective and durable that it made the installed Squirt lubrication system unnecessary. The new wash-based lubricant was then named Squirt Chain Lube and found its way into bicycle shops.

Following the success of the chain lubricant, Squirt BioBike Wash, Squirt Sweatsucker, Squirt Slurp, Squirt SEAL and Squirt Barrier Balm were developed and launched. What once started as a hobby project had now become a full-time job for the three friends.