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Schwalbe Reifen – Ralf Bohle GmbH is a German company based in Reichshof North Rhine-Westphalia, which manufactures tyres and inner tubes for bicycles and wheelchairs. The Schwalbe brand has existed since 1922. Schwalbe has many types of tires in its range, including tires for road bikes, mountain bikes or city bikes. But there are also spike tires for the winter, as well as BMX or tires for gravel bikes. In addition to bicycle tires, we also offer sealing milk, tools and various accessories that are indispensable for wheels.

Schwalbes MTB tires are offered in many sizes and ADDIX rubber compounds. Here you will find the right product for every application. ADDIX SPEED is the durable and resilient rubber compound for XC race use. The universal compound is called ADDIX SPEEDGRIP and offers a wide range of use from Cross Country, All Mountain and Trail. High durability and more mileage with a lot of grip.

ADDIX SOFT rolls very well and provides good cushioning. The soft compound is also ideal for your E-MTB. ADDIX ULTRA SOFT is the right choice for enduro and downhill use, with extremely good damping. The very soft rubber really sticks to the surface. Extremely soft with maximum cushioning and grip. Due to the optimised cold properties in terms of grip and damping, this rubber compound is suitable for winter and summer.

The soft and hard Schwalbe Tire Compounds can be combined smartly for the right application. For more speed, front Soft and rear Speedgrip. If you need more damping, then Ultra Soft in the front and Soft in the rear.

The five Schwalbe tire carcasses Super Downhill, Super Gravity, Super Trail, Super Ground and Super Race differ in construction. The technical details have been adapted to the requirements of the respective areas of use and offer the right characteristics on every terrain.

The Super Downhill carcass is double ply. Therefore uncompromisingly stable and trimmed for downhill performance. Six polyamide carcass plies protect the tread even at very low air pressures. The side walls are protected against cuts and punctures by a combination of four layers and a strong Snake Skin fabric layer.

The tread of the Super Gravity carcass and the highly stressed sidewalls are secured in this extremely stable construction by four plies in combination with sturdy fabric. A special apex protects against punctures and increases lateral stiffness at the same time. The Schwalbe Enduro tire still remains very flexible and particularly supple.

Super Trail is designed for the range from intensive All Mountain over Trail to Enduro use. This carcass construction is designed to combine moderate weight and reduced rolling resistance with high cornering traction and puncture resistance. The tyre uses a strong carcass with two plies on the sidewall and three plies under the tread. A circumferential fabric insert together with APEX equipment provides additional protection.

With the Super Ground Karasse you get a balance of puncture protection and light running. With 3 carcass plies and puncture protection insert. Designed for flow trails and long tours on any surface.

The focus of the Super Race version is on the lowest possible rolling resistance and low weight. Made for cross country and marathon competition use. The carcass with the material mix glides smoothly over the ground and thus provides a lot of traction. The sidewalls here are protected from damages by 3 carcass plies. The tread is protected by a light Raceguard protective insert and 2 carcass plies.



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