ESN Soy-Pro Isolate

ESN Soy-Pro Isolate

Soya Protein Isolate


The ESN Soy-Pro Isolate is a pure vegetable protein and therefore especially popular among vegetarians. Many athletes appreciate the easily digestible ESN Soy-Pro Isolate very much. The ESN Soy-Pro Isolate has its origin in the soy bean. In our region, soy has become increasingly well known over time and is now considered a popular trend food.


  • High quality soy protein isolate
  • Not genetically modified
  • Very high protein content
  • Ideal for diet & definition phases
  • Perfect for muscle building
  • Aspartame Free
  • Good taste
  • Quality product, made in Germany


Content: 1000g powder

Additional information


Chocolate, Hazelnut, Natural, Strawberry, Vanilla


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