Favero Assioma UNO Powermeter Pedals

Favero Assioma UNO Powermeter Pedals


One-sided measuring power meter pedals for road bikes (Look Keo pedal system)

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Product description

The Assioma UNO Powermeter has been thoroughly revised by Favero and equipped with new features. As with its predecessor, the bePRO S Powermeter, power is measured directly in the pedal. The Powermeter measures the power exactly where it is transferred from the rider to the bike. Just like the manufacturers of the PowerTap Powermeter Road or the Garmin Vector Powermeter, the power transmission directly at the pedal is considered to be the most accurate. According to the tests, we can confirm a very accurate measurement of the various pedal power meters.


The SRM Powermeter pedals are more reliable for scientific purposes. Dia Assioma are very accurate for the much lower price. The Favero Assioma power meters compete primarily with the Garmin Vector 3, Garmin Vector 3 S and the PowerTap P2. The quality and the price / performance ratio are good. Thus, the Favero Assioma powermeters are currently among the best powermeters on the market. In addition, the Favero Assioma Powermeter is also available from us in a double-sided version (Favero Assioma DUO).


Mounting & Compatibility

The assembly of the Favero Assioma UNO Powermeter is very easy. You can compare the installation with a normal pedal change. In contrast to the predecessor model bePRO, no special tools are required for assembly. Favero has managed to turn a relatively difficult assembly in a previous model into a real plug and play system. However, installation and operating instructions are also included in the scope of delivery.

Once the power meter is mounted on the bike it only needs to be connected to a bike computer. The Assioma UNO powermeter has the ANT Bluetooth radio. This also allows you to connect the Assioma UNO to a bike computer and smartphones (iOS & Android) via Bluetooth. The Bluetooth Smart increases the usability of the Favero Assioma UNO many times over. Now a wide variety of bike computers and fitness watches are supported by the Powermeter. You will find a large selection of compatible devices in our Garmin product range, for example.

Rechargeable & sustainable

The Assioma UNO Powermeter pedals have an integrated rechargeable battery. Once fully charged, the Assioma UNO provides at least 50 hours of driving pleasure. A 2 meter long charging cable is included in the scope of delivery. The Assioma can therefore be charged directly on the bike. So you don’t have to screw anything to the pedals or take them off. You can easily charge the pedals via a magnetic plug directly on the sensor. The main advantage of this is that the powermeter is now completely sealed and no longer has a USB port. This could lead to water damage if the closure was not correct on the previous models. This problem has now been excellently improved, just like the assembly.

Measurement & Accuracy

The power generated is measured directly at the pedal and displayed on your bike computer. The Assioma UNO measures only on one side and the measuring technique is located on the left pedal. This means that the value measured on the left is doubled when driving and thus the total power can be calculated. In contrast to the double-sided model, the single-sided Assioma Powermeter always assumes that the power of both legs is the same. For simple training control, however, this is sufficient and reliable.

The Assioma UNO Powermeter provides accurate and stable power measurement. The measurement accuracy is optimal for on-road applications and is ready for use at any temperature. With a weight of 149.5 grams per pedal (with battery), the Assioma Powermeter is one of the lightest and most compact pedal power meters on the market. The technology is completely encapsulated in resin, which makes it extremely protected. In the event of minor impacts or a fall, the powermeter is protected and therefore very resistant.

Buy Favero Assioma UNO

You want to buy a Favero Assioma, but you want to know more about the Pedalpowermeter? We have many posts and reviews about Favero Assioma in our blog. There you will find a lot of information and innovations that might appeal to you. Here you can read the review of the Favero Assioma. We are also happy to advise you personally.

Technical data Assioma UNO

  • Sensor position: left pedal
  • Weight pedal: 149.5 grams (with battery)
  • Weight pedal without sensor: 125 gram
  • Battery type: Rechargeable lithium battery
  • Operating time: min. 50 hours
  • Data transmission: ANT+ and Bluetooth
  • Measuring accuracy: +/- 1%
  • Operating temperature: -10 / +60 degrees
  • Waterproof: IP67
  • Q-factor: 54 mm
  • Firmware updates: Via Bluetooth with the Favero Assioma App
  • Compatibility: Original LOOK Keo and Favero shoes
  • Bike Type: Road/ Road Bike
  • Warranty: 2 years

Scope of delivery Assioma UNO

  • Left pedal with sensor
  • Right pedal without sensor
  • Charger (EU,US,UK,AU)
  • 2 meter long Micro USB cable with magnetic plug
  • Red Cleats 6°
  • Hexagon wrench and 4 washers
  • Operating instructions


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