Garmin Vector 3 Powermeter Pedals

Garmin Vector 3 Powermeter Pedals


Double-sided measuring powermeter pedals for road bikes (Look Keo pedal system)

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Product description

With the Garmin Vector 3 you can make your training smarter. The Garmin Vector 3 is the power meter that is ideal for road cyclists and triathlon who want to measure their power on different bikes. The design of the Garmin Vector 3 is rather simple and classy. The black and silver design thus also plays into the hands of athletes who pay attention to the precise aesthetics of their bike.

The Garmin Vector 3 powermeter itself is an absolute plug and play system and is installed like any other pedal. You no longer need additional sensors that are screwed to the pedal axle and you can quickly switch the pedals back and forth between different bikes and indoor cycles. The most important values that you can take from the Garmin power measurement are the total power, the power distribution left and right, the cadence and the Cycling Dynamics. With other powermeters that are powered by a battery in the pedal, the problem is that either the pedal builds very high or the clearance in the curve is compromised. Not so with the Garmin Vector Powermeter. The battery disappears in the pedal axis and thus does not change the symmetry of the pedal in any way. Thanks to its ergonomic design, the Powermeter gives you enough room to maneuver in every turn. The firmware update is also kept simple, which you can easily perform via the Bluetooth Smart function.

Installing the Vector 3

The installation of the Garmin Vector 3 Powermeter can be compared to a simple pedal change. Compared to its predecessors, you don’t need any special tools or additional attachments like pods or alignment stickers to bolt the Garmin Vector 3 to your bike. The installation is kept simple. Your bike must stand securely and then you can screw the pedal with the appropriate key into the thread provided for the pedal in your crank. Now the Garmin Vector 3 is mounted and ready for your training. So you don’t need any help from your mechanic or bike shop. Actually, the installation is self-explanatory. An assembly and operating manual is also supplied. However, if you still have problems with the installation, our support team will be happy to help you.

Connection options with terminals

The Garmin Vector 3 is very user friendly and gives you the opportunity to choose your device before you buy the powermeter and not the other way around. So you don’t have to choose the cycling computer according to the criteria of the powermeter. So connect the Vector 3 Powermeter either via the usual ANT+ connection for power measurement, or select the new option of a Bluetooth connection. Thus, a connection via smartphone or bike computer (iOS and Android) is now possible. However, if you want to have unrestricted access to all the values that the Garmin Vector 3 power meter can output, you need a fully compatible Garmin Edge bike computer. This is due to the fact that Garmin itself can display other values and analyze them via Garmin Connect, which cannot be displayed at all by other power meter manufacturers.

Garmin Vector measurement

The sensors are now installed in the Garmin Vector 3 together with the battery housing inside the pedal axle. This makes the Vector 3 simpler in design, but also has the advantage that the sensor is protected inside the pedal body in the event of a fall. By measuring in both Vector pedals, you can view your left and right side power values independently. This leads to the fact that you can uncover possible imbalances and optimize your training. With Garmin’s dualsensor powermeter, you’ll get your power, dynamics, cadence, power distribution and total power data displayed in real time via ANT + or Bluetooth on your cycling computer. This will help you tailor your workout to your exact needs and goals. This way your training will become much more effective within a short period of time due to the bilateral power measurement.

Power supply

As already mentioned, in addition to the measurement technology, the battery is also located inside the pedal. The batteries are two LR44 or SR44 batteries (1.5 V) with a battery life of approximately 120 hours. Like all other installations and settings on the Garmin Vector 3 powermeter, battery replacement is also kept very simple. All you have to do is open the battery compartment with a 4mm Allen key and remove the old battery. Then insert the new battery, observing the correct orientation of the poles, and screw the battery cover with sealing ring closed by hand. The battery compartment closure is waterproof and reliably withstands rain rides with ease. The measurement accuracy of the Garmin Vector 3 is specified by the manufacturer with +/- 1% and the connection to the bike computer is very stable and reliably accurate. The pair of pedals only 316 grams and is thus 42 grams lighter than the previous model of the Garmin Vector 2.


  • Installs like any other pedal and can be quickly switched between two wheels
  • Measures total power, left and right power distribution, cadence and cycling dynamics
  • Ergonomic design for sufficient clearance in the curve
  • Full integration with Garmin cycling products to perform data analysis
  • Enables easy updates via compatible Edge bike computers, ANT+ and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Battery life: Up to 120 hours

Technical data Garmin Vector 3

  • Application: road bike, triathlon, time trial
  • Pedal body: Composite material
  • Material pedal axle: stainless steel
  • Battery: LR44/SR44 (4 pieces)
  • Running time: Up to 120 hours
  • Transmission: ANT+ / Bluetooth
  • Bike computer compatibility: all popular ANT+ compatible bike computers
  • Measuring accuracy: +/-1%
  • Pedal plates: Thermoplastic material with non-slip surface (LOOK Keo)
  • Release hardness: adjustable
  • Compatibility crank: all standard cranks (9/16″ pedal thread)
  • Color: black, silver
  • Maximum rider weight: 105kg
  • Total weight per pair: 316g (manufacturer’s specification)

Scope of delivery Vector 3

  • 1 pair of Vector 3 pedals
  • Pedal plates with mounting material
  • Instruction manual


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