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SPONSER CARBO LOADER is a high energy carbohydrate-electrolyte solution, which was developed for the efficient replenishment of carbohydrate stores (carboloading). This requires a very high intake of carbohydrates, which can be easily achieved with CARBO LOADER. Alternatively, hardly manageable amounts of pasta, potatoes, rice or similar would be necessary, which would additionally burden the stomach and lead to a strong feeling of fullness. SPONSER CARBO LOADER is specially designed for the last 1-2 days before the endurance competition (e.g. cycling, running, triathlon, cross-country skiing, trail running) and can also be used well to promote recovery, such as in training camps or the day after the competition.

SPONSER CARBO LOADER contains electrolytes, various sugars and is free of free fructose. VITARGOTM is a patented carbohydrate made from barley starch with a molecular weight approximately 100x higher than maltodextrin. This results in a very low osmolality with the advantage that, for a given amount of energy, the stomach is less burdened than with the same amount of energy from short-chain carbohydrates. The result is comparatively faster gastric emptying and accelerated energy and fluid absorption. This product is vegan.

Various studies (cf. Bussau et al., Eur J Appl Physiol 87, 2002: 290-295) show that glycogen stores can be completely filled by means of 1-day carboloading.

On pre-competition day and during intensive training camps. 4 x 1 servings per day, ideally after breakfast, lunch and dinner and before bedtime.

For serving size, see recommended intake based on body weight. First fill water, then powder into shaker and shake very well. Increase amount of water according to taste.

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75 g single serving, 15 x 75 g display, 1200 g can


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