Quarq ShockWiz Suspension Tuning System

Quarq ShockWiz Suspension Tuning System


Tuning system for air suspended forks and shocks

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Product description

Quarq ShockWiz – The suspension analysis and tuning tool

The ShockWiz Box is connected to a Solo-Air suspension element via the Schrader valve. A pressure sensor and a microprocessor in the box record the pressure changes in the air chamber during the ride and evaluate the data using an algorithm. With the help of the ShockWiz app you can analyse and optimise the driving behaviour and work out tuning concepts.


Fully compatible
– Forks and shocks with single positive air chamber (e.g. RockShox Solo Air or Fox Racing Shox Float)
– RockShox Dual Air

Limited compatibility
– Lowerable suspension forks such as Talas and Down Low Adjust must remain in the same travel position while the ShockWiz is connected or they will need to be recalibrated.
– For dampers with systems such as Terralogic, Brain, iCTD and E:I, there are only limited analysis options due to their non-linear mode of operation.

Not compatible
– Forks and dampers in which the positive and negative chambers are combined as soon as a fork pump is connected
– Air spring elements, which are filled via the negative air chamber
– Suspension systems with variable air chambers such as DRCV, Equalizer and IRT
– RockShox Dual Position Air

Scope of delivery Quarq ShockWiz

  • 1 x QUARQ ShockWiz Tuning System
  • Long connection hose for forks
  • Short connection hose for damper
  • Rubber protective cover
  • Battery CR 2032
  • Cable tie



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