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SPONSER AMINO EAA contains 8 essential and 3 semi-essential amino acids in free form. The tablets contain a high proportion of leucine and BCAA. They are suitable for both strength and endurance athletes who want to limit their protein supply to the essentials and do not want to take in any additional calories. Amino EAA provides all the necessary protein building blocks in the ideal ratio. Protein supports the growth and maintenance of muscle mass and influences the recovery time in a positive way.

What does EAA mean?
EAA is an acronym from the English and stands for essential amino acids.

Advantages and field of application
The combination of free amino acids allows the specific adjustment of the desired amino acid profile. Compared to natural protein sources from food and also protein shakes, Amino EAA tablets do not need to be digested in the muscles after ingestion and can be absorbed quickly (no protein digestion time). This is because both protein-rich foods and protein shakes must first be broken down by the body into peptides and individual amino acids, which are then transported into the muscle cells.

The Amino EAA Tabs are ideally tolerated and can also be taken well during exercise to supply the body with amino acids or protein – in the gym as well as on the long bike ride.

Ideally, the Amino EAA Tabs are taken immediately before, during or after training with the aim of weakening the catabolic phase of the body and keeping it as short as possible.

This product is vegan. Made in Switzerland.

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