Alkaline mineral salt mixture to support the acid-base balance

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SPONSER BASIC MINERALS contains a balanced combination of basic mineral salts to support and regulate the acid-base balance. It does not contain sugar or sweeteners, which are commonly used to enhance flavor, unlike most competing products.

A balanced and varied diet is important for a normal acid-base balance. Such a one can be disturbed by an unfavorable diet. Triggers for high acid levels are high sugar or carbohydrate consumption from sweets, pastries, pasta, rice and other grain products. Alcohol, meat, coffee consumption and intense sports sessions also produce additional acid in the body. In order to neutralize these acids again, the body needs sufficient reserves of bases. It is therefore recommended to consume alkaline foods such as vegetables, salad or fruits sufficiently in everyday life.

SPONSER BASIC MINERALS supports the regulation of acid-base balance, especially during intensive training phases. Many athletes also use the alkaline salt in connection with recurrent cramps and in preparation for competitions lasting several days.

The alkaline mineral salt mixture contains potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron and zinc. Magnesium contributes to electrolyte balance, iron supports oxygen transport and zinc supports acid-base metabolism. This product is vegan.

2 x daily one serving

Dissolve teaspoon (6 g = 1 serving) in a glass of water (min. 250 ml).


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