Intracellular acid buffer for competitive and strength athletes

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SPONSER BETA ALANINE is an intracellular acid buffer for competitive and strength athletes. Suitable for high-intensity, repetitive exercise where muscle over-acidification and a drop in blood pH are performance-limiting. Due to the improved “acid buffering capacity” beta-alanine provides increased lactate tolerance. In this way, the athlete can sustain a load for longer with his or her acquired lactate tolerance or achieve a higher performance for a given time. A significantly faster recovery can also be expected, because the acid removal is accelerated by the increased buffer capacity.

Which sports benefit?
– typical anaerobic-lactacidic stresses:
Swimming, athletics (short, middle distances), rowing, skiing, cross-country skiing (sprint)
– repetitive interval loading:
Power athlete, div. Team sports (football, hockey), martial arts (karate, judo)

The isolated training of a few muscles in strength athletes produces very high local lactate levels, which must be removed as quickly as possible. If the muscle remains sore for too long, the next set cannot be completed quickly enough and with sufficient strain.
The performance improvements seem to be more pronounced, the stronger the load-induced metabolic overacidification (acidosis) is. This means that athletes such as middle-distance runners, rowers, swimmers or skiers who are used to anaerobic exertion should benefit more from supplementation than athletes used to endurance such as long-distance runners, triathletes or cyclists.

Function and mode of action
SPONSER BETA ALANINE as an amino acid supplement increases the muscle’s own carnosine content. The most important function of carnosine is to buffer acids. In contrast to an extracellular buffering sodaloading (cf. LACTAT BUFFER), carnosine acts within the cell. Most interesting in this context is the combined use of a sodaloading and beta-alanine supplementation to improve both extra- and intracellular buffering capacity.

Thanks to the slow-release formulation by means of tablets, the skin tingling that is typical when taking beta-alanine, which is harmless in itself but somewhat unpleasant, is prevented. Please observe the instructions for use (charging phase). This product is vegan.

Tip: As an intracellularly effective buffering substance, beta-alanine is excellently suited in combination with the extracellular acid buffer SPONSER LACTAT BUFFER.

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