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90 caffeine tablets

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SPONSER CAFFEINE CAPS provide 50 mg of caffeine in free form and are suitable for targeted use during exercise. Caffeine has a number of performance-enhancing effects, and has been used successfully in both competitive and popular sports for decades.

The concentration rises in the blood after about 15 minutes and reaches its maximum value within 30-90 minutes. Accordingly, in competitions it is important to match the desired effect to the activity. It is also known that the effect of caffeine depends on the genetic code. This has an influence on dosage and timing of application.

Caffeine contributes to the improvement of concentration, alertness, attention as well as endurance performance. Through its various mechanisms of action, caffeine therefore has a positive effect on performance in the following situations, as numerous scientific studies have confirmed:

Endurance performances over 20 min

– high-intensity loads of 1-20 min duration

– intensive interval loads (team sports)

– maximum force loads

CAFFEINE CAPS consist of acid-resistant capsules, whereby the caffeine is only released in the intestine. Ideal for long-distance athletes with sensitive stomachs. Alternatively from the SPONSER range: ACTIVATOR 200, caffeine shot for activities up to 3 h.

This product is vegan.


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