Creatine monohydrate powder in 500 g can


SPONSER CREATINE MONOHYDRATE – Sponser’s creatine monohydrate comes from 100% high quality Creapure. Creatine Monohydrate consists of the single, pure ingredient creatine monohydrate and no by-products or impurities.

Creatine effect
Creatine increases physical performance in the context of short-term, intense physical exertion and thus also supports the build-up and maintenance of muscle mass. In addition, creatine provides increased energy reserves in the muscle cells.

Range of application
For an effective storage and optimal effect, it is necessary to take it for several weeks. Typically, creatine is supplemented specifically according to the training and competition phases.

Strength and high-speed power sports
Creatine improves performance during high-intensity, repetitive loads, from which especially strength athletes, sprinters, throwers and the like benefit. In addition to the direct performance improvement, creatine also enables more intensive training, which indirectly benefits the strength and muscle building. After longer training breaks (e.g. injuries) creatine can support a faster reconstruction of the muscles.

Endurance Sports:
In smaller doses, creatine is used in phases to support recovery, for example in professional cycling, because it serves to replenish energy stores. However, any weight gain must be taken into account here, as the body cells absorb and store additional fluid. In the build-up phase or after injuries, creatine supports muscle growth during strength training.

Intake recommendation and background information
For effective storage and optimal effect, creatine must be taken for several weeks. We recommend supplementing creatine in certain phases, but also discontinuing it for several weeks in between.

Creatine occurs naturally in the human body and is stored in muscle fibers as creatine phosphate. The main food sources are meat and fish.
The effect of creatine varies from individual to individual. While some respond strongly to supplementation, about one-third of all athletes show little response to creatine (so-called “non-responders”). For these athletes we recommend the use of CREATINE PYRUMAX, which is supplemented with creatine pyruvate, which is more soluble and therefore easier to absorb. This product is vegan.

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