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SPONSER HMB & CREATINE SYNERGY is a high performance supplement for ambitious athletes. The powdered supplement consists of HMB, creatine and ribose and contains the dosages used in efficacy studies. HMB & SPONSER CREATINE SYNERGY combines the effects of increased fast strength and anaerobic performance with improved recovery.

Ingredients & Effect

Creatine enhances performance during high-speed, short-duration, high-intensity exercise. Creatine is preferably used for energy supply in anaerobic and alactacid sports: For example, athletics (sprint, throwing disciplines), swimming or rowing used as well as in the field of muscle and strength building. This not only allows for directly improved performance in competition, but of course also allows for more intensive training and thus indirectly enhances future competition performance.

HMB (abbreviation for β-hydroxy-β-methylbutyrate) is a metabolic product of the amino acid L-leucine and thus fulfils a similar function in the anti-catabolic area (muscle maintenance). The preservation of the musculature plays a decisive role, especially after (sports-related) injuries and forced bed rest. Unlike protein, however, HMB is not considered an anabolic substance. Due to their different mechanisms of action, creatine and HMB complement each other ideally in a synergistic manner, both in terms of performance enhancement in the anaerobic-lactacidic range and in terms of recovery promotion, as has been shown in recent studies.

In this study (Fernández-Landa, 2020a), elite rowers completed a lactate level test on the rowing ergometer. After 10 weeks of creatine, HMB, creatine+HMB, or placebo, the combined creatine and HMB supplementation was shown to produce an additional synergistic increase in performance not only compared to placebo, but also compared to the two single supplement groups (at anaerobic threshold, lactate 4 mmol/L and 8 mmol/L). In addition to these performance parameters, both increased testosterone and lower cortisol levels were demonstrated in the supplemented athletes. This confirms the inherently expected positive effects of creatine and HMB on recovery. However, it is interesting to note that, again, the two supplements complemented each other synergistically (Fernández-Landa, 2020b)

To round off, SPONSER HMB & CREATINE SYNERGY also contains ribose and calcium. Ribose is a so-called structural sugar and has its function e.g. in the structure of our RNA and DNA, but also in the formation and storage of ATP. This energy carrier is in turn closely linked to the function and effect of creatine. Finally, calcium also contributes to the normal functioning of muscles and energy metabolism.

USAGE: 2 x 1 scoop daily to add to drinks, shakes or other foods. Ideally divided into 2 portions, on training days before and after the performance. To achieve a positive effect of creatine, the intake of 3 g per day is necessary. This amount is included in the recommended daily dose (8 g).

PREPARATION: 2 x 1 scoop (8 g) to add to drinks, shakes or other foods. Ideally spread over 2 servings.


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