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Liquid energy concentrate

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SPONSER LIQUID ENERGY ULTRA is a liquid energy concentrate made from complex carbohydrates as well as MCT fat (medium-chain triglycerides) from high-quality vegetable oils. The gel was designed to support performance during long endurance efforts of low intensity and differs from other gels mainly by a higher energy density due to the fat content.

As with all SPONSER products, we attach the greatest importance to optimal compatibility. MCT provides directly available energy from fat and does not have to be digested first. It is thus quickly available without negatively influencing the tolerance. In addition, the energy supply through MCTs leads to a conservation of the body’s own glycogen reserves and supports performance over a longer period of time. The gel was additionally enriched with salt and BCAA.

The tasty SPONSER LIQUID ENERGY ULTRA gel made from coconut milk and macadamia is gluten and lactose free as well as free of fructose and artificial additives.

1 sachet per 20 minutes. Add approx. 200 ml of water. In combination, the sports drink SPONSER ULTRA COMPETITION is recommended as well as an additional 20 g of protein (e.g. one SPONSER ULTRA PRO sachet) every 3-4 hours. In very hot temperatures, take an additional 1-2 SPONSER SALT CAPS per hour.

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25 g single portion, 40 x 25 g display


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