Acid-free sports drink with Multi Carb Formula

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SPONSER LONG ENERGY is ideally used for longer endurance and high-intensity exercise. Thanks to the acid-free formula, the hypotonic sports drink is mildly flavored and thus very well tolerated even under stress. Through the addition of hydrolyzed, easily digestible protein, the muscle’s own amino acids can be spared during performance, which supports regeneration already during exercise.

SPONSER LONG ENERGY is based on a multi carb formula with short and long chain carbohydrates. Thus, your blood glucose level remains stable even during long endurance exercise and your performance can be optimally maintained. The patented barley hydrolysate VITARGO with its high molecular weight causes a low osmolality and thus helps, among other things, the optimal replenishment of depleted glycogen stores. The five main electrolytes sodium, chloride, potassium, magnesium and calcium serve to compensate for the loss of sweat. The drink contains only natural flavors and is free of gluten, lactose and free fructose.

-In case of very high energy demand, the concentration can be increased up to 100-120 g of powder per liter.
-SPONSER LONG ENERGY with berry flavor contains 10% protein content, as a useful support for regeneration.

Suitable for before, during and after exercise. Drink approx. 0.5-1 liters per hour, depending on thirst sensation and sweat loss.

dissolve 4-5 scoops in 750-1000 ml of water

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Fruit Mix (5%), Citrus (5%), Berry (10%)


1200 g can, 700 g refill bag, 20 x 60 g display, 60 g single serving


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