Low-calorie sports drink to support fat metabolism and basic endurance training

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The acid-free and mildly flavored SPONSER LOW CARB BURNER is your ideal companion during sports sessions with the goal of losing weight and/or training the fat metabolism. SPONSER LOW CARB BURNER contains no carbohydrates, but electrolytes and functional ingredients such as green tea and coffee extract, L-carnitine and choline. The tasty electrolyte drink provides only 40 kJ (10 kcal) per serving. The handy portion bag you can easily take anywhere: To the gym, to work or for endurance training.

The combination of different active ingredients aims to activate your fat metabolism and thermogenesis. Choline contributes to normal fat metabolism, while zinc supports normal metabolism of fatty acids. Optimal fat burning promotes increased energy use and thus calorie burning of your body. The catechins from green tea extract and the polyphenols from green coffee extract support these processes.

SPONSER LOW CARB BURNER is formulated to be carbohydrate-free, making it virtually calorie-free. The usual sports drinks, on the other hand, serve the purpose of targeted energy supply, but with their energy content and mostly high GI, they prevent optimal fat burning. Thus, while they are central to competitive performance, they are not optimal for fat metabolism workouts. Conventional sports drinks are therefore not suitable for supporting activities with the aim of losing weight. Conversely, unlike SPONSER LOW CARB BURNER, pure water contains no functional ingredients and also few electrolytes. This product is vegan.

2 x daily one serving. Suitable for low intensity activities as well as everyday life.

Scope of delivery: Box with 20 x 6 g single portions


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