Carbohydrate-protein blend to support mass and muscle building


Sponser Mass Gainer supports you in building and maintaining muscle mass effectively and efficiently. Especially during intensive training phases, the correct and sufficient supply of nutrients is crucial. The high-quality mixture consists of different carbohydrate and protein sources as well as supplementary functional ingredients to optimally meet the special requirements in the build-up phase.

The protein content consists as far as possible of filtered and thus natural quality from various sources: Milk and whey protein isolate and micellar casein from cross flow filtration (CFM), supplemented with pre-split whey and casein hydrolysate. This makes the protein available in the body both quickly and for a long time during the regeneration phase.

The five different carbohydrate sources also provide a staggered energy release. In addition to quickly available sugars, the high-molecular starch hydrolysates provide a long-lasting energy supply.

Creatine enhances physical performance and high-speed power output in the context of short-term, intense physical stress, such as occurs in weight training. Mass Gainer provides 3000 mg of Creapure® creatine per daily ration. Additionally enriched with the free amino acids L-Leucine and L-Glutamine as well as medium chain fatty acids (MCT) for extra energy. Without artificial sweeteners and colourings.

APPLICATION: Up to approx. 30 min before and after training 1 portion each. Two drinks a day.

PREPARATION: prepare approx. 4 level measuring spoons (60 g) + approx. 200 ml cold water in a shaker

Additional information

Weight 1 kg


Chocolate, Vanilla


1200 g can


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