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SPONSER POWER GUMS ensure that the body is supplied with quickly available, easily digestible energy from carbohydrates during sports. The popular energy suppliers are an ideal alternative or supplement to SPONSER LIQUID ENERGY Gels and are conveniently portionable. One pack contains 10 pcs. POWER GUMS, which can be taken both during and just before exercise. They provide about 60 g of carbohydrates and thus correspond to the generally recommended amount of energy to be taken per hour under stress.

SPONSER POWER GUMS are available in 2 variants/flavors:

POWER GUMS variant with fruit mix flavor
Contains an additional 150 mg of caffeine (=approx. 2 cups of coffee) per pack (10 pcs.) for that “extra kick” to support physical and mental performance. Caffeine helps improve concentration and increased alertness, and helps improve endurance capacity. Enriched with taurine and a vitamin B complex.

POWER GUMS variant with cola flavor
As a caffeine-free variant, the product instead additionally contains amino acids in the form of BCAAs as well as taurine. BCAAs are essential amino acids that reduce the breakdown of endogenous BCCA from muscle during performance in their role as protein components.

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Coke, Fruit Mix


75 g single serving, 20 x 65 g display


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