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SPONSER PRE-WORKOUT BOOSTER supports you during hard strength training as well as during intensive endurance units. The multi-component active complex provides increased blood flow to your muscles and improved pump. The active ingredients support you physically and mentally during intense sessions. They make sure you get the maximum out of it and already initiate the regeneration process as well. SPONSER PRE-WORKOUT BOOSTER is equally suitable for strength and endurance athletes.

This high-quality supplement focuses on different aspects of your workout with its ingredients:

Optimized NO formation ( blood flow ):
– 7 plant extracts (Fiit-ns, Vinitrox) with the contained polyphenols and bioactive peptides from the Whey protein hydrolysate CFM Nitro
Amino acids L-citrulline and L-ornithine

Supports concentration and performance:
– 100 mg caffeine*, L-tyrosine, taurine, ribose* If an increased amount of caffeine is desired/needed, our ACTIVATOR (200mg caffeine) is suitable for targeted dosage.

Promote recovery and muscle development:
– Nucleotides, Choline, Taurine, Zinc, Vitamins

Energy provision:
– Waxy maize starch ensures sustained energy release

Yeast naturally contains nucleotides, the primary building blocks of all cells. Caffeine helps improve concentration and endurance performance, while choline supports fat metabolism. Zinc contributes to normal DNA synthesis and the maintenance of normal testosterone levels in the blood. Pantothenic acid supports the build-up (synthesis) and normal metabolism of steroid hormones and some neurotransmitters. Folic acid contributes to normal amino acid synthesis.

  • Fiit-ns is a patented plant extract combination of grapefruit, grapes, guarana, green tea and black carrot. The extract is rich in polyphenols with standardized flavanoids content and also naturally contains caffeine.
  • CFM Nitro is a patented whey protein hydrolysate with a positive influence on NO formation (nitroxide metabolism).
  • Vinitrox is a standardized polyphenol extract based on grapes and apples. It supports specific enzyme activity for increased nitric oxide (NO) production, resulting in more pump.

USAGE: SPONSER Pre-Workout Booster ideally take about 30-60 min before the load.

PREPARATION: Dissolve approx. 3 heaped measuring spoons (16 g) in approx. 200 ml water.

  • Scope of delivery: SPONSER Pre-Workout Booster Apple-Raspberry flavour in 256 g can

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