Regeneration drink with carbohydrates and protein

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SPONSER RECOVERY DRINK is a tasty carbohydrate-protein regeneration drink. It contains short and long chain carbohydrates, which optimally replenish your glycogen stores after exercise. The protein content is based on whey protein and casein, which support the regeneration of your muscles.

SPONSER RECOVERY DRINK is your ideal companion on the go. The practical portion bag fits into any
Sports bag and can be easily prepared in water bottle or shaker.

High quality ingredients
Whey protein isolate from cross-flow microfiltration provides concentrated, natural protein with a BCAA content of 25% (2.9 g BCAA/port.). Additionally enriched with the free amino acids leucine (1.8 g/port.) and glutamine (1.3 g/port.) as well as vitamins and minerals. Magnesium and calcium contribute to normal muscle function. Strawberry-Banana flavor. Without artificial sweeteners. Lactose free, gluten free.

Range of application
For optimal effect in terms of regeneration, we recommend taking it as soon as possible after exercise. For a higher proportion of protein ideally combined with SPONSER AMINO 12500.
Can also be used as a liquid carbohydrate and protein supplier about an hour before exercise. Test compatibility in training before use in competitions.

Take within one hour before (fill carbohydrate stores) and/or after exercise (regeneration). 1-2 servings daily.

Stir sachet (60 g) into 300-500 ml of cold water or prepare in a shaker.

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60 g single serving, 20 x 60 g display, 1200 g can


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