Protein-carbohydrate regeneration shake 44 – 50% protein content


SPONSER PRO RECOVERY is a protein-carbohydrate regeneration shake for the demanding endurance and strength athlete. The high-quality protein content consists of a unique combination of the protein components whey, egg and casein in a ratio of 1:1:1 as well as colostrum and pre-cleaved milk protein hydrolysates. This protein combination ensures both optimal regeneration after physical activity and effective growth and maintenance of muscle mass.

The mixture of different types of carbohydrates supports the initial recovery phase and the replenishment of glycogen stores after performance, without supplying excessive amounts of carbohydrates and calories. SPONSER PRO RECOVERY can thus be used more flexibly and taken into account if carbohydrates are still being consumed elsewhere during or after exercise – for example through sports drinks, bars or the following main meal.

SPONSER PRO RECOVERY is additionally enriched with the amino acids leucine and glutamine. Thanks to the high protein content of 44% or 50%, this regeneration shake can also be used as a sweetener-free protein shake.

USAGE: Preferably before and after the load 1 shake each.

PREPARATION: 3 scoops (approx. 40 g) + approx. 150 ml water in a shaker/mixer.

  • Vanilla (50/36) in 900 g tin
  • Chocolate (44/44) in 800 g tin
  • Mango (44/44) in 800 g can


Additional information

Weight 1 kg


Vanilla, Chocolate, Mango


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