Squirt Lube Low Temp Chain Wax

Squirt Lube Low Temp Chain Wax


Biodegradable wax-based chain lubricant for low temperatures

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Squirt Low Temp chain wax was designed as a chain lubricant for very low temperatures. It consists of a biodegradable wax-water emulsion. The active ingredient penetrates deep into the interstices of the chain links and leaves a protective film. Squirt Low Temp Chain Lube repels water and dirt even in winter. Your drivetrain will stay clean and well lubricated for longer. This increases the service life of the drive components. Everything runs more efficiently and the service life of the drive is increased. With Squirt SLT chain wax you have more fun in winter with your bike.

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  • 120ml bottle Squirt Lube Low Temp chain wax


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