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SPONSER MUSCLE RELAX – Uncontrolled muscle contractions and their consequences (cramps, tension, hardening, muscle twitching) are a common phenomenon in endurance and game sports and lead to a limitation or termination of performance. Typical causes (esp. of cramps) are mechanical overload or a lack of fluids, electrolytes and energy.

SPONSER MUSCLE RELAX is designed to support this. The innovative formulation of Cucumber Juice Vinegar Concentrate is based on functional ingredients, which have been shown to provide symptom relief and improved muscle function in numerous studies (Miller et al 2010, Craighead et al 2017).

The convenient single-serving vials can be taken both for muscle relaxation acutely and preventively, especially in cases of increased susceptibility to cramps (such as during exercise or night cramps at rest),

Scientific background
Pickle Juice has been used in sports for years. The exact mode of action is still part of current research. Current explanations suggest that due to the high acid and bitter content, neurological stimuli are activated which make the brain forget the cramping event. This allows the muscles to reduce tonicity into relaxation and the tension is released. The bitter substance quinine and magnesium are other researched ingredients that counteract the tendency to cramp. Magnesium contributes to electrolyte balance and normal muscle function.

Range of application
Especially in game sports with stop-and-go movements such as football, basketball, handball or similar, cramps occur with above-average frequency.
Athletes in endurance sports with longer durations of exertion such as triathlon, marathon, trail running, mountain biking, road biking, etc. are very often affected by impaired muscle function and cramps. Before the market launch, the cucumber vinegar juice was extensively and successfully tested on the occasion of the Swiss Epic MTB stage race.

Take 1-2 bottles before or during performance as needed, in mouth for approx. 10 sec. if possible. rinse with SPONSER MUSCLE RELAX, then swallow. Take before high-intensity performance with sufficient distance from activity, depending on individual tolerance.


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