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A powermeter or power meter is a measuring device for bicycles that measures mechanical power in watts. Depending on the design, the measurement is taken in the crank or in the pedals. Built-in Strain gauges measure here the twisting of the material. The determined data is then displayed on a head unit such as a bike computer, a sports watch or a smartphone. But not only the power in watts can be displayed, but also e.g. the cadence, power balance or Training Stress Score (TSS). To determine the respiratory and Heart rate a chest strap is also required to measure.

In the beginning, power meters were only available to the professional Cycling reserved, today it is a widely used tool. Many manufacturers like Favero, Garmin, Quarq or Rotor have jumped on the bandwagon and offer high quality products. Ambitious cyclists or triathletes can now find powermeters in different designs and in different price ranges. Pedalpowermeters are easy and flexible to use. They can also be used alternately on different bicycles. Cranked powermeters, on the other hand, can only be mounted on several bikes with a little more effort. Bottom bracketChainrings, chainrings and the gear system must be adapted to the respective technical conditions. The pedal standard or the pedal plates are no limiting factor here.

A targeted training control is only possible if you know your training areas. This measuring device is not only used for Performance Diagnostics or the Competitive Sportsbut also the Health Trainingwhich has a different training goal. In order to use a Powermeter even more goal-oriented there is suitable training software. Programs like StravaGolden Cheetah or Training Peaks offer extensive features to monitor training success and plan new goals. We are happy to advise you on the subject of powermeter and training.

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