A group of young mountain bikers riding on road outdoors in winter.

Our bike essentials for the winter

The days are getting shorter, the temperatures are dropping and the racing season, although quite short, is over for most of us. Especially the wet and cold weather is a big problem for the training motivation. In order to get through this time in the best possible way, we have put together a few helpful products that are among our favourites.

Lupine puts you in the right light

Especially with mountain bikes, but also among commuters and racing cyclists, the problem is well known. In winter, it gets light late and dark early, which makes training much more difficult, especially at work. The right lamp is important so that you don't have to finish your ride earlier than you want and so that you don't miss any roots on your favourite trail even in the dark.

Our favourites are Lupine Lighting Systems. Not only have they been offering high production quality for years, they are also really bright. Some people even rumour that you can see more with them than in daylight. A further plus is that you can get spare parts for many years in case of a defect. Therefore the manufacturer can justify his high product prices. The wide product range has something for everyone. The small lamp heads Neo (900 lumen) and Piko (1900 lumen) are not only suitable for mounting on the handlebars but can also be used as helmet lamps or with a headband.

DSC 1141 copy edited
Already in use for a long time - Lupine Lighting Systems - here an older model of the Piko lamphead, which still delivers a top performance

The large lamps Betty, Wilma and Alpha are truly spotlights. With a luminosity between 3200 and 7200 lumens, they deliver maximum performance. Especially for the use on mountain bikes we find this investment worthwhile. The flexible battery system offers a suitable solution for all needs. All batteries can be combined with all lamp heads (except Alpha). For all commuters and commuter bikes the Lupine SL offers a StVZO-compliant version. With up to 2200 lumens you get a product of no less quality.

New is the Lupine Penta. For 159,-€ you get a compact head lamp with integrated battery and up to 1100 lumens. We will hopefully present you a product test soon.

Keep warm

The most important thing to train properly in cold temperatures is the right clothing. Not that this is unimportant in summer, but cold feet and fingers are especially unpleasant. You should therefore always have a suitable selection of accessories at hand. Arm and leg warmers are especially useful in the transition period, i.e. spring and autumn. This way you won't get cold at the beginning and later on during training or a race you can simply take them off to avoid overheating. We will add some new products in the next days and weeks to keep you stylish, warm and dry through the winter.

Our favorites are the gloves and overshoes from DeFeet on. The Slipstream overshoes remind us of a thick pair of socks. Without any special moisture protection, but extremely warm, this is a combination with the classics specialists have been training and winning for many years. The Duraglove is a versatile glove and has been my first choice for some time now. It is ideally suited for use between -5 and 10 degrees and therefore always covers my needs perfectly, whether running, cycling or winter hiking. The availability in many different colours makes DeFeet hand and overshoes a stylish must-have to match your team jersey.

Our tip for wet days: Take a second pair of gloves, protected by a breakfast bag or freezer bag, in the jersey pocket. Once the first pair is soaked, you will thank us 😉

To see and be seen

Especially in road traffic it is not only important for us as cyclists to see, but also to be seen. An accident can often be avoided with a strong tail light.

For example, the Lupine red light is useful. Here the StVZO variant offers 40 lumens, internationally even up to 160 lumens are available.

For those who are technically a little playful, the Garmin Varia radar on. This is not just a tail light. At the same time, its sensors detect vehicles approaching from behind and display them on the bike computer. To use all functions, you need to use a compatible Garmin headunit.

Preventing the hunger pangs

For many of us, winter training is associated with long units in the basic area. Especially with cold outside temperatures one wants to avoid a hunger pangs. Since coffee stops are sometimes not feasible due to various hygiene requirements, proper nutrition is all the more important. We find that ClifBar products offer just the right variety.

With natural ingredients and available in various flavours, these are a delicious alternative to gels and tight-fisted drinks. Our favourites? Blueberry Crisp and White Chocolate Macadamia Nut! My secret tip is the Crunchy Peanut Butter.

The virtual escape

Especially when it rains, it sometimes becomes very unpleasant. While the professionals from Ineos and Co. move into their winter quarters on Mallorca in this case, we take refuge in the virtual world of Zwift or TrainerRoad.

To make indoor training fun, the right setup of your personal Pain-Cave is crucial. The change from a conventional roller to a directly driven roller trainer from WahooTacx or Elite already makes a noticeable difference. You can find different models in our shop. So there is nothing to stop you from racing, even if only virtually, with Mathieu Van Der Poel or Geraint Thomas.

Material maintenance made easy

Even though virtual training is tempting and especially more intensive units can be made so exciting and varied over the winter, it can be boring in the long run. Since long basic units play an important role in the preparation for the season, we recommend to train outside a lot. Bad weather can be very hard on the equipment, which is something the mountain bikers and crossers among us are particularly aware of. Salt, dirt and moisture are an enemy for every camp. In order to still have fun while riding, you should take good care of your equipment regularly.

We offer a wide range of bicycle-specific tools as well as mounting stands and accessories. We also have various spare parts available, if you can't find what you're looking for, our support team will be happy to help you and organize the right components. So you always stay mobile and nothing stands in the way of your next ride. Furthermore, you benefit from the right material care and the possibility to carry out repairs quickly and by yourself, also during the whole season.

Mudguards - a bicycle essential

No matter in which terrain you are on the road, as soon as it gets wet suitable mudguards are a blessing that nobody wants to miss. Quick and easy to install, we are big fans of the Mudcatcher.

The Mudcatcher Rear MK1 is a simple plug-in protection plate that is mounted on the saddle frame. It is especially suitable for use when it dries out in damp conditions or for racing in spring. It is not without reason that such fenders are also used by the World Tour Teams during the spring classics. With only 6,99€ the purchase costs are manageable. Maybe this is a suitable Christmas present for the members of your club or training group.

The Mudcatcher Enduro MK1 is aimed at mountain bikers in all areas from cross-country to downhill. Whether mounted on the fork or the seatstays, it catches most of the mud you encounter on forest tracks and trails. And with a clear view it is much more fun.

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