San Carlos, California, is the home of Ritchey Design that is recognized worldwide as one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality bicycle components. Founded in 1974 by Tom Ritchey, the company actively designs new products, constantly improving existing components by refining their lightness and durability with relentless drive. We call this "relentless innovation". The company is well known for its technical merits, which result from the attention to detail during the product development phase. All this is combined with rigorous fatigue testing, resulting in high quality components for road and mountain bikes. Ritchey products are race proven and still a benchmark for quality.

As part of its Fit Logic philosophy, Ritchey Design offers a wide range of cockpit components (handlebars, stems, seat posts and headset). These allow riders to customize their bikes for a more efficient and comfortable ride. Ritchey Design also offers complete bikes, frames and a complete range of innovative products. These include pedals, carbon wheels, carbon forks, saddles and tyres, suitable for both professional racers and the ambitious weekend rider.

Ritchey knows that the performance of a great bike is the sum of its parts. Grips on the right handlebars, attached to the stem with perfect length, that control robust wheels and work in unison with the right tyres. Having set countless industry standards in all disciplines, Tom Ritchey continues to raise the bar for excellence in bicycle components. A good selection of the right components helps to make your journey even more enjoyable. The freedom a bike can offer is like nothing else in the world.


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