Favero is an Italian manufacturer of single and double sided pedal power meters. They enter the powermeter market in 2015 with the bePro Powermeter. The bePro Powermeter enjoyed great popularity, although the assembly was still a bit complicated. In 2017 Favero then launched the Favero Assioma Uno and Favero Assioma Duo Powermeter. Here they ironed out the faults of their debut product and created a real plug & play system that is now very easy to install and measures power with a very high accuracy.

You can find all Favero Assioma Powermeter and the Assioma accessories / spare parts in our Powermetershop powermeter24.com. The Favero Assioma Powermeters are now in the same league as the Garmin Vector Powermeters and the Powertap Pedalpowermeters. The Favero Assioma Duo are technically absolutely equivalent to the Garmin Vector 3 or the new Powertap P2 Powermeters.

Favero does not have its own bicycle computer. The Garmin bicycle computers and the computers from Wahoo have proved themselves especially well. The Wahoo bicycle computers are above all very easy to configure with the smartphone. The Garmin computers, on the other hand, have, in our opinion, advantages in navigation and have the slightly more chic design. Technically both manufacturers are on the same level.

Favero Electronics - the bePRO Powermeter

With the bePRO Powermeter, Favero Electronics has launched a new pedal power meter in 2015. It is significantly less expensive than comparable pedal power meters on the market and is also impressive with its high durability and very good measuring values. Favero Electronics has shown here that they can extend their experience in measurement and control technology very well into other areas. Both Powermeters from Favero Electronics contain a Lithium Ion battery, so no battery change is necessary and the athlete can charge the Powermeter directly via USB charging cable. Furthermore, the Favero Electronics powermeters feature ANT+ technology, which allows the powermeter to be connected to almost all ANT+ bike computers. Favero offers a one-sided two-sided Powermeter. The difference between the two powermeters from Favero Electronics is that the one-sided powermeter is only on the left pedal the measurement technology is installed. With the double-sided Powermeter from Favero the measurement technology is integrated on both sides.

With the bePRO S (one-sided model) only the applied force is measured from the left leg. The values are then doubled so that the rider then has a total value of both of them displayed on the bike computer. On the bePRO (double-sided model) the applied force from both legs is measured separately and also displayed separately on the computer. The one-sided measuring powermeter can be upgraded to a double-sided measuring one by using the Favero Upgrade Kit.

Successor of the bePRO - Assioma Powermeter

Favero Electronics launches the successor to the bePRO Powermeter. The manufacturer decided on the name, Favero Assioma Uno and Favero Assioma Duo. Furthermore the Powermeter is a pedal based power measurement system. The Assioma Powermeter brings many new functions for you, which simplify power measurement in everyday life or in competition.

The bePRO Powermeter is already known and loved by athletes for its robustness and measuring accuracy. Therefore, the Assioma Powermeter will appeal and convince you with its new functions and quality.

Assembly and battery

Not much has changed in the field of design for the Assioma Powermeter, but in the technical area and assembly. The first advantage of the Assioma Powermeter is that you no longer need special tools or assembly stickers. You only have to screw the Assioma to the crank arm and you are ready to go. The assembly can be compared to a normal pedal change. The Assioma also has status lights on the sensor, which give you information about charge and operating status.

Favero has also increased the battery life for you. The bePRO Powermeter has a battery life of about 30 hours, which was not enough for some top athletes, so Favero increased the battery life of the Assioma Powermeter to about 50 hours. Charging the battery also changes. You no longer have a micro USB port on the Assioma. Now the Assioma has a new connector which is brought into position by a magnetic connection and thus charges your Powermeter. But there is another advantage that the micro-USB connector has been removed, now you have no risk of water or dirt getting into your sensor.

Software and connectivity

Another new function is the Bluetooth Smart Connection. The Assioma Powermeter has the ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart Connection. This gives you the possibility to connect the Powermeter to your bike computer, smartphone or sports watch. The ANT+ connection gives you balance, cadence, torque efficiency and pedal smothness. The Bluetooth Smart connection only shows you balance and cadence.
Favero also launches the matching app on the market. The app will be available for both IOS and Android. With the app you have the possibility to update the firmware via Bluetooth.

Weight and technology of the Assioma Powermeter

A further point that is significant for us and our customers when making a purchase decision is weight. The total weight per pedal with battery is about 149.5g. For comparison, a pedal from the PowerTap P1 weighs 206g and from the Garmin Vector 2 179g. This makes the Assioma Powermeter currently the lightest pedal power meter on the market. You can use the Assioma Powermeter between -10 °C and 60 °C. The Assioma also automatically compensates for temperature fluctuations. Favero sets a system weight of 125Kg for its Assioma Powermeter.

Just as with the bePRO Powermeter, the Assioma Powermeter is available in single and double sided versions. The one-sided Powermeter is called Assioma UNO and the double-sided Assioma DUO.

Favero Electronics brings a breath of fresh air to the powermeter market

The bePRO Powermeter from Favero Electronics was able to establish itself directly on the market and has found many fans. The system from Favero is easy to install and uncomplicated in use. Once mounted, the bePRO Powermeter from Favero Electronics does its job reliably and delivers very precise measurements.

The Italian company Favero Electronics has only been active in the cycling and powermeter sector since 2015. But due to a great wealth of experience in the field of measurement and control technology in the sports sector, they were able to transfer their know-how to this area very quickly. In the company from the province of Treviso, high-end manufacturing technology and traditional handicraft, through specialized production engineers, play a close role.

Favero Electronics - a newcomer in the power meter business

The family business Favero Electronics has been successfully active in the sports business for over 30 years. The company Favero Electronics is known for many years for electronic products in the sports and leisure sector. Until now they were known for sports display boards in martial arts, fencing and volleyball as well as special measurement technology in fencing. The FIBA approved sports displays are in use in many sports halls and sports centres.

Design and technology

That Favero products have a love for detail can not be denied. The technical specifications show the experience of the manufacturer in other areas of data acquisition in sports. The design of the Favero products shows the passion with which the employees are at work. "We love experimenting and designing new solutions for the world of sports and sports lovers." Favero stands for this statement. It is therefore more than obvious that the development of the products is based not only on the opinions of cycling experts such as professional athletes and trainers, but also on the personal experience of the employees.

Favero Powermeter

The Italian manufacturer's Assioma Powermeters are also produced directly in Italy and have been in competition with other well-known manufacturers such as Garmin and PowerTap since 2015. The company Favero is in the second generation with the Favero Assioma UNO and Favero Assioma DUO. The first generation were the bePRO Powermeters, were renamed in the second generation, but then due to name-legal reasons into the Assioma Powermeters.

The pedalpowermeters offer the customer an enormous comfort when mounting and changing between several wheels. Just like the Garmin Vector 3 or the PowerTap P2, the Favero Assioma Powermeter is a true plug and play system. In no time at all, the Assioma Powermeter can be mounted and power-controlled training on the road can begin. The Powermeter is connected to the bike computer via ANT+ or Bluetooth. The Powermeter is compatible with all bike computers and fitness watches of the brands Garmin, Wahoo, O-Synce, and Lezyne.

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